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Were you recently hurt in an Uber accident in Fort Walton Beach due to someone else’s carelessness? An experienced Fort Walton Beach Uber accident attorney from  Brannon & Brannon Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers law firm can help you fight for the compensation you deserve. We can help you, call today at (850) 863-5297 or contact us online, all initial consultations are always free.

You could be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and suffering. An experienced Uber accident lawyer can help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

That’s why Brannon & Brannon Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers should be your first call after your accident. Our accomplished trial lawyers have been advocating fiercely for the rights of injury victims for more than 30 years. We’ve recovered millions of dollars from insurance companies and at-fault parties on behalf of people injured through no fault of their own.

How Brannon & Brannon Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After an Uber Accident in Fort Walton Beach

How Brannon & Brannon Can Help After an Uber Accident in Fort Walton Beach

Getting hurt in a rideshare accident can cause devastating injuries. Recovery can be lengthy and expensive. You need time to rest. You don’t need to spend time and energy dealing with insurance companies. And you deserve a fair offer for your injuries. Let us help.

When you hire a Fort Walton Beach personal injury attorney at Brannon & Brannon Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers, we’ll:

  • Carefully investigate your accident to determine the cause
  • Identify and interview witnesses
  • Secure any video footage of the accident from dashcams or traffic cameras
  • Handle all claims and communications with insurance companies
  • Negotiate for a settlement that covers all of your damages
  • Send a top-rated trial lawyer to fight for you in court, if necessary

Our Fort Walton Beach, FL law firm is equipped with the resources to handle your case from beginning to end. We spare no expense in fighting to maximize your award. But don’t worry. You don’t pay a thing unless we win. Guaranteed.

How Common Are Uber Accidents in Fort Walton Beach, FL?

Statistics specific to Uber accidents are difficult to find. One study shows that rideshares like Uber and Lyft have caused an increase of 2%-3% in traffic fatalities since 2011. The increase in deaths includes pedestrians as well as vehicle occupants.

The safety report released by Uber left a lot to be desired. For one, the only fatalities included were ones that occurred when an Uber driver was en route to pick up a rider or during a ride.

But many rideshare drivers spend roughly as much as 40% of their time “deadheading”—driving around looking for passengers. Deadly accidents that happen during that time weren’t included in Uber’s safety report.

Second, crashes that caused non-fatal injuries weren’t included at all. Without reliable statistics on rideshare accidents, it’s simply not that useful to try to separate them from other auto accidents.

That being said, in Okaloosa County in 2020, there were:

  • 3,075 car crashes (about 8 per day)
  • 45 fatalities
  • 1,828 injuries from car wrecks
  • 52 crashes involving bicycles
  • 2 bicycle fatalities
  • 78 accidents involving pedestrians
  • 13 pedestrian fatalities
  • 655 hit-and-run crashes

Motor vehicle accidents can occur anytime. Being a passenger in a rideshare adds another level of complexity and risk.

What is My Uber Accident Case Worth?

It depends. No two cases are the same. To get a better idea of how much your case might be worth, come in and sit down with one of our lawyers and tell us all the details.

Some of the factors that we’ll ask you about are:

  • The severity of your injuries
  • How your injuries affect your ability to work (now and in the future)
  • Whether you’re expected to make a full recovery
  • The extent of rehabilitation needed
  • Whether you were at fault for the accident
  • The amount of insurance coverage available

Cases involving severe injuries, disability, or death are often worth more. You can always count on us to be straightforward about your case from beginning to end. Once we know more, we’ll give you our honest opinion about whether you have a valid case. Then, we’ll let you know the best course of action for your individual circumstances.

What Kind of Damages Are Available to Victims of Collisions Involving an Uber? 

If you were injured due to someone else’s carelessness, you shouldn’t have to shoulder the financial fallout. You can seek compensation to cover all of your losses. This includes both economic and non-economic damages.

Damages can compensate you for things like:

In addition to compensatory damages, punitive damages could be available in rare cases. These are damages that punish the defendant for intentional or extremely reckless conduct.

Can I Win My Case If I’m Being Blamed For an Uber Accident in Florida?

Yes. Under Florida’s comparative fault statute, you can still recover some compensation as long as you aren’t mostly to blame for the accident. 

If you are partially at fault, your compensation will be reduced by the proportion of fault attributed to you. So, if you were 30% at fault, your award will be reduced by 30%.

In any event, insurance companies want to maximize their profits. That means minimizing their payout to you. If they can pin the blame on you, they can reduce the amount they have to pay.

That’s why you need Brannon & Brannon Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers on your side as soon as possible. Our founding partner began his career as a former insurance defense lawyer. That experience armed him with crucial knowledge of their tactics. That benefits you because we know how to beat them at their own game. We’ll fight back against any unfair blame and fend off their attempts to swoop in and give you a lowball offer.

Let us help you get the money you’re due. Schedule your free consultation today.

Who Pays for My Injuries in an Uber Accident?

Determining liability in an Uber or Lyft crash can be complex. Whoever is liable is ultimately responsible for paying damages.

In a rideshare crash, any of the following could be responsible:

  • Uber driver
  • Driver of another vehicle
  • Pedestrian
  • Motorcyclist
  • Government entity maintaining roads or crosswalks
  • Manufacturer of defective equipment

Where the funds come to pay for your injuries will vary depending on the circumstances.

All drivers in Florida are required to carry insurance. Drivers are also required to carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. That applies to drivers for Uber and Lyft as well.

However, whether PIP insurance might be available to you in a rideshare accident gets very complicated. Uber and Lyft drivers carry commercial insurance that applies in certain circumstances, depending on whether they were logged in to the app.

Whether you were involved in an Uber accident as a passenger or the driver of another vehicle will make a difference in what insurance may be available. Or, maybe you are the Uber driver. All of these factors affect how to approach your accident claim.

We’ll Fight to Recover Compensation For All Of Your Uber Accident Injuries

Injuries after an Uber or Lyft accident can vary widely, just like in any type of car accident. It’s important to seek medical attention right away so that you can start documentation for all of your injuries. It’s not uncommon to have injuries that aren’t visible or noticeable to you right away.

Some common injuries include:

We’ll work with your medical provider and other medical experts to determine an accurate prognosis. We’ll seek compensation for all expected future costs of medical treatment.

What Causes Most Uber Accidents in Fort Walton Beach, Florida?

Rideshares are in crashes for many of the same reasons as other vehicles. Uber and Lyft drivers deal with many distractions, such as monitoring their app while on the road, transporting drunk or unruly passengers, navigating unfamiliar routes, and working under pressure to maximize their trips.

Some common causes of Uber accidents are:

We have extensive resources to put behind your case. We leave no stone unturned when investigating your accident. It’s important to pinpoint the cause so that we can identify all parties involved before filing a claim. Any party who contributed to your accident can potentially be held responsible for your injuries.

How Do I Prove Negligence After an Uber Accident in Florida?

Negligence will likely be the basis of your lawsuit. That’s the legal theory that essentially holds people financially accountable when their carelessness has caused injury to someone else. 

To win your case, you’ll have to prove each of its four elements:

  1. Duty: the defendant owed you a duty of care
  2. Breach: the defendant breached that duty
  3. Causation: the defendant’s breach of duty caused your injuries
  4. Damages: you suffered damages as a result

Proving negligence can be difficult. The defendant will fight you every step of the way, particularly on causation and damages. You need the experienced Fort Walton Beach personal injury attorneys at Brannon & Brannon Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers on your side. 

We have years of experience with all aspects of litigation. The early stages of the case are extremely important. Showing the strength of your case in the demand letter and early court filings can make a big difference in getting an award that fairly compensates you for all of your physical and emotional injuries.

How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit After an Uber Accident in Florida?

You’ll have to file a lawsuit for injuries within two years. That’s the statute of limitations for negligence cases in Florida. If you’re filing a wrongful death lawsuit to recover compensation for the death of a loved one, you’ll have two years.

It’s in your best interest to consult an experienced injury attorney as soon as possible after your accident as there could be exceptions to the deadline. The sooner your lawyer can evaluate your case and begin collecting evidence, the better your chance for full financial recovery.

Your Trusted Fort Walton Beach Uber Accident Lawyers

We don’t like to see people suffering. Especially at the hands of greedy insurance companies. Hiring the right attorney to fight for the compensation you deserve after an accident can make all the difference.

Since 1990, injured victims throughout Northwest Florida have counted on us to help them get back on their feet after an accident. We haven’t let them down. We’ve put millions of dollars in our clients’ pockets over the years. 

Call our Fort Walton Beach Uber accidents lawyers today for a free consultation.

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