Secrets of Accident Claims Against GEICO Revealed

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, GEICO is the second-largest auto insurance provider in the United States, responsible for more than 14% of the national market share. It has more than 18 million drivers as policyholders which insure more than 30 million vehicles… read more

The Mirena Crash is Real, and It’s Affecting Countless Women

Mirena is a T-shaped plastic hormonal intrauterine device (IUD) that provides long-term contraception. This product prevents pregnancy by thickening mucus in the cervix and thinning the lining of the uterus.  The Mirena crash is a term used to describe side effects that some users may… read more

Tattoo Infections: What You Need to Know

Tattoo artists are legally required to follow specific regulations designed to reduce the risk of infection and disease. An infected tattoo can lead to life-threatening medical complications. Anyone who gets a tattoo should know the early signs of tattoo infection and immediately see a doctor. … read more

Types of Commercial Driver’s Licenses in Florida

Individuals driving trucks, buses, and other commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) must have a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL). The person must pass vigorous written and driving tests to obtain their CDL. The purpose of requiring a special driver’s license to operate large trucks is to… read more

Traffic and Red Light Cameras in Destin, FL

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about traffic and red light tickets. The topic is made all the more complicated because different states have different laws when it comes to paying for camera-issued tickets.  If you’ve received a traffic ticket in the mail in… read more

Is It Possible to File a Claim Without a Police Report in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Car crashes in Fort Walton Beach are common. Traffic crashes in Okaloosa County totaled 3,717 in 2021. That total represented a 21% increase from the collisions in 2020.  Do I need a police report to file a claim with an insurance company? You can file… read more

Should I Accept the First Settlement Offer From an Insurance Company?

From car accidents to slip and fall accidents, personal injury incidents happen daily in Florida.  For instance, over three hundred ninety-one thousand traffic crashes took place in Florida in 2022, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV). More than 200,000… read more

How To Proceed With a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Destin

If you have been injured through no fault of your own in Destin, Florida, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. However, pursuing a personal injury claim can be a complex process. Therefore, it is… read more

What To Do When the Insurance Adjuster Won’t Return Your Calls After a Car Accident in Fort Walton Beach

After an accident in Fort Walton Beach, you should generally contact your no-fault car insurance provider to file a claim. Florida requires all drivers to have PIP coverage that pays benefits regardless of who causes the accident.  However, you might also have a claim against… read more

Suing for Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress in Florida

Suing for emotional distress is never easy. In particular, negligent infliction of emotional distress can be a tough claim to prove. In an ordinary personal injury claim, you can seek compensation for emotional distress if (and only if) the defendant’s negligence or other misconduct caused… read more

How Long Does It Take To Get a Personal Injury Settlement Check in Fort Walton Beach?

It can take months or more than a year to settle a personal injury case in Fort Walton Beach. The facts and circumstances in the case determine how long it takes to reach a settlement with the insurance company.  However, once you agree in writing… read more

Are There Different Types of Motorcycle Licenses in Florida?

Being able to drive a car safely doesn’t necessarily mean you can operate a motorcycle safely–you’ll need an extra set of skills for that. Because of this, Florida offers three different types of motorcycle licenses, depending on your purpose and your prior experience. None of… read more

Who Is At Fault in a T-Bone Car Accident in Destin?

T-bones are one of the most serious types of car accidents. They often involve higher speeds and occur on the sides of vehicles where safety features may not be present or as effective. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, T-bone accidents make up… read more

Difference Between Slip & Fall and Trip & Fall Accidents

Thousands of people are affected by slip and fall or trip and fall accidents each year. What may seem like a simple tumble can actually have life-changing ramifications, however, and there is some unfortunate confusion regarding proper terminology defining the kind of accident someone may… read more

All About Back and Neck Injuries From Rear-End Collisions

Every year, Fort Walton Beach residents experience almost 1,000 rear-end collisions. These crashes can be terrifying, and they often cause serious injuries. If you’re involved in a rear-end collision, what sort of injuries can you expect to walk away with? There are several common back… read more

Rear-End Collision Injuries and How You Can Recover Compensation

The rear-end collision is one of the most common types of car accidents. ln most rear-end collision cases, the trailing driver is at fault for not maintaining a proper distance. Nonetheless, it is the leading driver who bears the greatest risk of injury in a… read more

How To Write a Settlement Demand Letter in Florida

Most personal injury claims end in settlement, not trial. One of the first actions that your attorney will take is to send the other side a settlement demand letter. It is unlikely that you will receive an answer to your settlement demand letter that simply… read more

Breaking Down Attorney-Client Privilege: What It Means and How It Can Affect Your Case

Attorney-client privilege is a legal doctrine that protects communications between a client and their lawyer from being disclosed to third parties without the client’s consent. This privilege is considered essential to the functioning of the legal system, as it allows clients to speak freely and… read more

How Much Does a Semi Truck Weigh?

When you’ve been involved in an accident involving an 18-wheeler truck, you may wonder how much that semi truck weighs. There’s no single answer.  The weight of a semi truck depends on many factors and circumstances. Different parts of a semi truck have various weight… read more

How Are Lost Wages Calculated?

Lost wages are a component of most personal injury and workers’ compensation claims. These economic damages are awarded to compensate accident victims for the income and benefits they lost due to their injuries. In some cases, the calculation of lost wages is straightforward. In other… read more

How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Get Paid?

If you’ve been injured in a car accident or another incident, you may be debating hiring a personal injury attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve. But often, accident victims are already facing a mountain of medical bills, as well as a diminished… read more

How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer in Florida Make?

The income of personal injury lawyers in Florida varies dramatically based on several different factors. Instead of providing a number, it is best to describe the factors that go into determining how much they make. This includes how much they earn and how much they… read more

What Does Bar Stand for in the Bar Exam or Bar Association?

You are likely familiar with the State Bar and the Bar Exam. But what does “bar” mean when it is connected to attorneys, lawyers, and law firms? This term is a source of intrigue and mystery for many observers. Occam’s Razor Occam’s razor is a… read more

Are Lottery Winners Required To Reveal Their Identities in Florida?

Several states allow lottery winners to remain anonymous. Lottery winners in South Carolina, Kansas, Texas, Delaware, Ohio, North Dakota, and Maryland can remain anonymous. Some states allow a lottery winner to form an entity or trust to claim the lottery prize. And others, like California,… read more

Causes and Symptoms of Cephalohematoma

One of the greatest tragedies parents can experience is when a birth injury happens to a healthy infant. One wrong decision by a labor and delivery team can lead to life-altering medical conditions.  Unlike many birth injuries, cephalohematoma alone is considered to be a minor… read more

4 Types of Brain Injuries and 3 Levels of Severity

Accidents and other events can be stressful on the body, resulting in significant injury. Traumatic brain injuries are among the most common.  After suffering a brain injury caused by another, do not hesitate to discuss your situation with a knowledgeable brain injury attorney.  What Is… read more

Car Inspection Laws in Florida

Car inspections are often necessary to ensure vehicles are in working order and safe to be on the roads. Some states, including Florida, don’t require mandatory vehicle inspections. There are, however, situations in which vehicles must go through inspection. Without passing inspection, a vehicle cannot… read more

What To Wear to Court in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

It matters what you wear when you go to court. Everyone in the courtroom, including the judge and the jury, will take note of how you choose to present yourself. Dressing appropriately is important because making a conscious effort shows that you both respect the… read more

Florida Highway Patrol Reports: What You Need To Know

After a car accident, you may need to file a report with the Florida Highway Patrol. But you may be wondering how you go about requesting a copy of said report. Your accident report has important information that can assist you in a claim against… read more

Is it Legal to Drive Barefoot in Florida

Under Florida law, no provisions or statutes specifically state that it is illegal to drive barefoot.  In Florida, the weather permits year-round visits to the pool and beach. After these visits, individuals may not want to put shoes back onto their wet or sandy feet…. read more