Traffic and Red Light Cameras in Destin, FL

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about traffic and red light tickets. The topic is made all the more complicated because different states have different laws when it comes to paying for camera-issued tickets. 

If you’ve received a traffic ticket in the mail in Destin, Florida, ignoring the ticket would be a mistake. Failure to pay a traffic ticket in Destin can result in increased fines and can even impact your driver’s license.

Are Traffic Cameras and Red Light Cameras Different?

Traffic cameras and red light cameras aren’t the same, but they serve the same function. 

Traffic cameras are typically not placed near an intersection. Usually, traffic cameras are designed to target stretches of roadway where speeding is a known issue. 

Unlike traffic cameras, red light cameras are designed for use at intersections. Their purpose is to reduce the number of drivers who drive through red lights, with the hope of reducing the number of intersection car accidents in Destin. 

Drivers in Destin and other Florida cities at least have one advantage when it comes to avoiding a red light ticket. Typically, signs make it clear that red light cameras are present at certain intersections. 

Can You Ignore a Red Light Camera Ticket in Florida?

One of the most confusing questions about traffic camera tickets is whether a driver has a legal requirement to pay them. 

The constitutionality of such cameras has been questioned. Grounds for complaint include proving that the vehicle owner was the person driving when the ticket was issued and whether an individual can be forced to pay a ticket when it hasn’t been served in person by a police officer. 

Regardless of how questions of the legality of these cameras play out in the future, one thing is clear: drivers in Destin and other Florida cities face direct consequences if they fail to acknowledge and pay a red light camera ticket.

What Are the Penalties if You Don’t Pay a Red Light Ticket in Destin?

Technically, when a Florida driver runs a red light, the “ticket” they receive in the mail isn’t actually a traffic ticket. 

Instead, it’s considered to be a notice of traffic violation. At this point, drivers have the option to acknowledge the notice, pay the fine, and face no further consequences. 

Drivers begin to face trouble when they ignore this first notice. If the payment deadline passes, a driver will be fined for an increased amount. This time, the violation is upgraded to an actual ticket with an impact on their driver’s license. 

The penalties for ignoring a Destin red light camera ticket include the following: 

  • A fine of $158 for driving through a red light
  • A fine increase to $262
  • A ticket after missing the payment deadline
  • Points against your license for the offense with the second notice
  • Potential to have your driver’s license suspended

Running a red light alone won’t result in a suspended license. However, that outcome is a real risk that accompanies a red light ticket. 

If you already have points against your Florida driver’s license, the addition of points from a camera ticket can push you past the limit — resulting in a suspended license.   

A Lawyer Can Help Challenge a Destin Traffic Ticket

One of the biggest issues with Florida red light camera tickets is that the ticket is issued to the vehicle owner, regardless of who was driving the car. 

Fortunately, if you feel that you shouldn’t be the recipient of a Destin red light ticket, you have options. 

Destin drivers have two main options for traffic camera tickets: pay the fine or call a lawyer. A Destin attorney can answer your questions and walk you through the process of appealing a ticket. 

The one thing you should never do is ignore the ticket — all this will do is increase your fines and put your Florida driver’s license at risk. 

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