Florida Car and Booster Seat Laws

Parents and guardians of young children understand the importance of car and booster seats. These accessories help protect vulnerable young children when traveling by car.

However, many parents are unaware of the car and booster seat laws in the State of Florida. Both residents and visitors to Florida should understand these regulations.

These rules are intended to protect young children. Read on to understand which of Florida’s car booster seat regulations apply to you.

What Are the Car Seat Laws in Florida?

In the State of Florida, children are required to use a car or booster seat until they are five years of age. Children who are between the ages of zero and three years old must use a separate car seat or an inbuilt car seat.

Any children between four and five years of age are required to use a booster seat or car seat. Once children reach the age of six, they are required to wear a seat belt through the age of 17.

The car seat and booster seat laws in Florida are determined by the age of the child. The laws do not change depending on the height, weight, or size of the child.

Under Florida state law, there are no exceptions to regulations due to a child’s size. This fact can make it challenging for the parents of large or tall children.

Who Is Responsible for Following Car Seat Laws?

Car and booster seat laws are codified by the Florida legislature. This means that failing to uphold these laws is illegal.

While some parents may be able to secure a medical exception to these requirements, they must carry documentation with them. This documentation must have the approval of a medical care provider. If a parent is stopped by law enforcement, they can present this paperwork to provide evidence of the exemption.

In Florida, parents and guardians are responsible for transporting their children according to state laws. This includes following regulations regarding booster and car seats.

However, suppose that you are driving another person’s five-year-old child as a favor. In this case, using a booster seat is optional. 

Children under three are required to be in a car seat, regardless of who is driving the vehicle. However, older children do not have to be in a car seat if the adult driving is not their parent. 

Still, drivers are responsible for ensuring the safety of all passengers inside their vehicles. This includes children of all ages. 

Are There Penalties for Violating Florida’s Car Seat Laws?

Parents who do not properly secure their children in the car may face penalties. For example, failing to use a car seat may cause you to acquire three points on your driver’s license.

In addition to the points, those who violate these laws could face a fine. In some cases, drivers can attend a safety course to avoid accumulating points on their licenses.

However, the option of attending this type of safety course is only possible with the permission of the overseeing judge. 

Child Car Seat Laws and Car Accidents

Failing to follow child car and booster seat laws can lead to child injuries in a car accident. It is critical to speak with a car accident attorney if you and your child are involved in a crash.

A lawyer will investigate your accident to determine who is at fault and whether you have rights to a claim or lawsuit after the crash. Child injuries can be expensive, and your PIP insurance may not cover all the damages.

Having a lawyer on your side can help you recover all the money you need for your child’s medical expenses and other damages after the collision. Contact a lawyer today for help with your case.

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