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Was your child injured in an accident in Fort Walton Beach, FL? If your child was hurt due to someone else’s negligence, you might be entitled to compensation for medical bills, your lost wages, and your family’s suffering. Call a Fort Walton Beach child injury lawyer at Brannon & Brannon Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers who can help to fight for the fair compensation you deserve.

Our lawyers have decades of combined experience in personal injury law. Over the years, we’ve helped countless clients like you recover millions of dollars in compensation across the Florida Panhandle.

It’s essential to take legal action quickly after an accident. Contact our law offices in Fort Walton Beach, Florida or call us today at (850) 863-5297 to schedule a free consultation with a child injury attorney.

How Brannon & Brannon Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help With a Child Injury Claim in Fort Walton Beach

How Brannon & Brannon Can Help With a Child Injury Claim in Fort Walton Beach

As a parent, you’d do everything possible to keep your child safe–but you can’t control the actions of others. If your child has suffered an injury, all you can do is fight to hold the at-fault parties accountable so that your child is protected going forward.

The Fort Walton Beach personal injury lawyers at Brannon & Brannon Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers are here to stand up and fight for every dollar you deserve. We have over 60 years of collective experience protecting accident victims in Northwest Florida. We’ve achieved the highest possible AV-Preeminent rating for client satisfaction from Martindale-Hubbell.

Hiring us means that you’ll have a lawyer to:

  • Gather and analyze all evidence related to the injury
  • Identify every party who is responsible for your child’s injury
  • Hire top-rated experts and specialists to strengthen your case
  • Determine the legal basis for your claim
  • Calculate the fair value of your case
  • Handle all negotiations with the insurance companies and opposing parties
  • Represent you at trial if a fair settlement can’t be reached

Recovering fair compensation can be critical to your child’s future. To learn more about our skills and experience, don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a free consultation with an experienced Fort Walton Beach personal injury attorney today.

Overview of Child Injuries

Getting hurt is a part of growing up. Still, no child should have to suffer because an adult was careless. When children are injured in an accident, the damage can be particularly severe. After all, they’re much smaller, and their bodies are still developing.

When a child is hurt due to an adult’s negligence, the adult can be held financially responsible. That’s true even if they never intended to hurt anyone. Negligent caretakers, property owners, and drivers can all be held liable for damages.

If the child is under the age of 18, parents and guardians are entitled to file a lawsuit on the child’s behalf. If the case settles out of court, Florida laws often require the court to approve large settlement amounts.

Types of Child Injuries

There are countless ways for a child to get hurt. 

At Brannon & Brannon Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers, our Fort Walton Beach child injury attorneys handle all types of child injury claims, including those involving:

To start the legal process, contact our law firm in Fort Walton Beach today. We’ll do everything possible to help your family hold the at-fault parties fully liable for your child’s injuries.

How Common Are Child Injuries?

Serious and life-changing child injuries are much more common than you might imagine. According to studies conducted by the CDC, about 9.2 million children are treated in U.S. emergency rooms every year. Over 12,000 children die from fatal injuries annually.

Some startling statistics include:

  • 98 Florida children drowned in 2021 alone–and hundreds more suffered injuries from near-drowning. 
  • Over 600 Florida residents are hospitalized for dog bite injuries each year–and children between ages one and nine are at the highest risk.
  • Over a five-year period, about 1.5 million kids were treated for injuries caused by playground equipment across the United States.

These statistics don’t even begin to account for the countless children in Okaloosa County who are injured in motor vehicle accidents each year.

What Causes Most Child Injuries?

Every child injury case is unique. However, there are some situations that tend to cause injuries more often than others.

Some of the most common causes of child injuries in Fort Walton Beach include:

No parent should have to watch their child suffer. Our lawyers at Brannon & Brannon Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers can help you fight for the money you need to help your family heal. We offer a free case evaluation, so there’s no risk in learning about your right to compensation.

What is My Fort Walton Beach Child Injury Case Worth?

It’s important to understand how much your personal injury case is worth before settling. Even if the insurance adjusters seem sympathetic, you should always have an experienced attorney review your case before accepting an offer.

Child injuries can impact your child’s life in unanticipated ways. Even once the physical wounds have healed, your child could experience residual issues for years to come–both physical and emotional. You’re entitled to compensation for both past and future losses.

Factors that will be most relevant in putting a dollar value on your personal injury claim include:

  • The nature and severity of the injuries
  • The circumstances of the accident
  • The cost of your child’s medical treatment
  • Whether your child will require ongoing care
  • Whether you’ll have to take time off work and lose income during recovery
  • How the injury will impact your child’s future quality of life, education, and work prospects

It’s never easy to predict the future. Our attorneys in Fort Walton Beach have handled cases like yours in the past, and we’ve seen the outcomes. You can count on us to meticulously review the facts and fight for the maximum compensation your family deserves.

What Compensation Can I Recover for My Child’s Injuries in Fort Walton Beach, Florida?

The damage caused by a child injury victim can be extensive. Your child could suffer both short-term and long-term consequences. You’re entitled to seek compensation for all of your past losses, in addition to your anticipated future losses.

Florida personal injury laws classify damages according to whether they represent economic or non-economic losses.

Economic damages provide compensation for:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages while you care for your child
  • Your child’s lost future earning capacity
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Nursing care
  • In-home modifications
  • Long-term care

Non-economic damages offer compensation for your non-financial losses, including:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Loss of a normal childhood
  • Scarring or disfigurement
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Loss of consortium

A strong claim will identify the specific damages your family has suffered. Our lawyers will carefully evaluate your case and work closely with your family to determine how the injury has altered your life. To learn more about legal representation, call our team today.

How Do I Establish Liability in a Child Injury Case in Florida?

When kids get hurt, it’s often because an adult was negligent. Whether your child was injured in an auto accident or because a trusted caregiver failed to supervise them, you’ll usually have to prove negligence to recover damages. Negligence is a legal concept. 

The elements of a successful negligence claim include:

  • A legal duty of care;
  • A breach of the duty of care;
  • Evidence that the breach caused an accident; and
  • Damages, or the injuries and losses your family has suffered.

It’s also possible that your case could be based on strict liability. If your family member was injured because of a defective toy or consumer product, the manufacturing company could be strictly liable for damages even if no one was negligent.

How Long Do I Have to File a Child Injury Lawsuit in Florida?

Most of the time, a two-year statute of limitations applies under Florida state law. Accident victims have to file a personal injury lawsuit within two years of the injury or forfeit their right to compensation.

Child injury cases work differently. As a parent, you have the right to file a lawsuit on your child’s behalf. However, if you don’t, your child can take legal action once they reach age 18.

Do you have questions about the deadlines in your case? Call Brannon & Brannon Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers to speak with our lawyers in Fort Walton Beach today. 

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The consequences of a serious child injury can be dramatic. If your child is suffering, call an experienced Fort Walton Beach child injury lawyer at Brannon & Brannon Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers for a free consultation today. It’s never too early to start learning about your legal rights and options.

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