Tattoo Infections: What You Need to Know

Tattoo artists are legally required to follow specific regulations designed to reduce the risk of infection and disease. An infected tattoo can lead to life-threatening medical complications. Anyone who gets a tattoo should know the early signs of tattoo infection and immediately see a doctor. 

Medical care for an infected tattoo can be costly. Fortunately, you shouldn’t have to bear the cost of a tattoo artist’s actions. A personal injury lawyer can advise you on the steps you need to take to recover compensation for the costs arising from an infected tattoo, such as medical bills and lost wages

How Can Tattoos Lead to Infection?

Your skin has three layers. A tattoo machine pierces through to the second layer, injecting tattoo ink. Your body isn’t able to push the ink out, so it remains permanently embedded there.

When a tattoo machine needle pierces the skin, you open yourself up to the risk of infection in two ways. First, bacteria on the needle of the tattoo machine can travel into your skin. Secondly, bacteria can enter the holes left by the tattoo needle. 

It can take a few weeks for your skin to heal after a new tattoo. Properly caring for a tattoo significantly helps to reduce the risk of experiencing an infection after you leave the tattoo parlor. However, if the tattoo artist’s machine was the source of the infection, the bacteria are already present when you leave.

Signs of a Tattoo Infection

When bacteria enter your skin, the result is an infection. Your body’s immune system will work to fight off the infection, but antibiotics may be necessary for success. A tattoo infection can easily develop into a serious medical condition if you let it go untreated. 

Some of the most common signs of a tattoo infection include: 

  • Pain 
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Fever
  • Skin discoloration
  • Bumps or rashes
  • Discharge from the tattoo site

If you experience signs of a tattoo infection, do not wait to seek medical care. When an infection is caught in the early stages, a doctor will likely prescribe antibiotics, and the expected outcome is a full recovery. 

Delaying medical care allows the infection to worsen. When a tattoo infection is left untreated, it puts you at risk of developing a blood infection. At its most severe, an infected tattoo can lead to sepsis, septic shock, and death

Tattoo Infections and Negligence

Tattoo artists are required to undergo training and certification before they can legally give tattoos. A key part of this certification includes a training course that covers information on bloodborne pathogens and communicable diseases. If a tattoo artist’s gun was the course of the infection, they likely failed to follow the legal requirements for maintaining hygienic equipment. 

This is considered an instance of negligence. When a tattoo machine causes infection, either the tattoo artist or the tattoo parlor can be held legally responsible for the financial and emotional damage you endured as a result of the infection. 

Protect Yourself After a Tattoo Infection 

If a tattoo leads to a serious infection, sepsis, or death, the costs associated with an infected tattoo can be quite high. You can speak with a personal injury lawyer about building a case to recover compensation for your losses. 

However, if you suspect infection and delay seeking medical care, you can be held partially responsible for the medical outcome, which can cost you the compensation you deserve. 

If you choose to get a tattoo, it’s essential to protect your health and finances by knowing the signs of infection and seeking medical care promptly if you begin to suspect that your new tattoo is becoming infected. 

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