FAQs: Car Accident Reports in Destin, FL

Car accidents occur unexpectedly and can leave you feeling unprepared for what’s to come. Knowing what to do after an accident can help you navigate the complex claims process

Whether you are unclear on your insurance policy, medical bills, the accident report, or who is liable for your injuries, you should consult with an experienced Destin, Florida personal injury lawyer after a car accident. 

When Should You Report a Car Accident in Destin, Florida?

If you are involved in a car accident in Destin, FL, you should notify law enforcement immediately. Doing so will allow you to obtain a police report and exchange accurate information with the other driver and witnesses. 

Do I Have to Report a Car Accident in Destin, FL? 

Florida law states that drivers involved in car accidents resulting in injury, death, or property damage of at least $500 are required to notify the local police department of the crash. 

How Long Do I Have to Report a Car Accident in Florida?

You have 10 days to report a car accident in Florida. However, it is best to report the accident while at the scene. 

Your car insurance company may also have a specific timeframe that you are required to report accidents. 

In Florida, you have two years to bring a personal injury claim. If you fail to bring your claim before the statute of limitations expires, you will be barred from recovering damages

Where Do I File a Car Accident Report?

Report your car accident to the local police department using the quickest means of communication. If your crash occurs outside of a municipality, report it to the office of the county sheriff or the nearest station of the Florida Highway Patrol. 

Is It Illegal to Not Report an Accident? 

If you are required to report an accident, and you fail to do so, it is illegal. Regardless of who is at fault for the accident, you must report it if there are injuries, death, or apparent property damage.

What Happens if You Don’t Report a Car Accident? 

Failing to report a car accident can hinder your personal injury claim, cause you to pay a fine, and receive a citation. Filing a police report immediately following a car accident can help protect you. 

How Do I Get a Copy of My Car Accident Report in Florida? 

You can obtain a copy of your Florida car accident report online for a $10 fee. Crash reports are made immediately available to those involved in the crash, their legal representatives, and insurance agents. 

How Do Accident Reports Strengthen Your Case?

Accident reports provide crucial details about when and how the accident occurred, who was involved, and witness information. 

If the accident report provides accurate information about what you claim occurred, it can help bolster your case. This makes it easier to negotiate for a fair settlement with insurance companies

Does a Car Accident Report State Who Was at Fault? 

A car accident report may provide relevant details that indicate who was at fault for the crash. However, it will likely be an insurance company that assigns fault. It is also possible that multiple parties are at fault for the car accident. 

Florida is a modified comparative negligence state. This means that if you are less than 51% at fault for the accident, you can still recover damages. However, the amount of compensation you receive will be diminished in proportion to your amount of fault. 

It is essential to not admit fault at the accident scene or when speaking with an insurance adjuster. Multiple parties may have been at fault, and statements made after an accident can be used against you. 

How a Destin, FL Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You With a Car Accident Report

An experienced car accident lawyer will combat claims that you were at fault for the car accident and work to correct issues with the car accident report. Consulting with a knowledgeable Destin, FL car accident lawyer can help you pursue the compensation you deserve. 

Contact a Destin Car Accident Lawyer To Sort It All Out for You

Florida law on negligent infliction of emotional distress is confusing and rapidly evolving. If you have a significant claim, or if you think you might have a significant claim, contact a Fort Walton Beach car accident lawyer to schedule a free initial consultation. 

You are under no obligation to hire the lawyer just because you scheduled a consultation. If the lawyer offers to represent you, however, you can be fairly confident that they believe they can win your case. After all, under the contingency fee system, personal injury lawyers aren’t paid unless they secure compensation for you.

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