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Dog Bites: How Common Are They And Who Is Responsible?

Beware of Dog.jpgRecently we posted about a tragic incident where a young boy was attacked by a dog. According to WJHG Channel 7, there has been a rise in dog bites on children in Bay County. In May, Bay County Animal Control says there were ten reported dog bites on children. Last year, 414 dog bites were reported to Bay County Animal Control. Currently in 2016, 187 bites have been reported.

Jury Ruled In Favor Of Carnival Corporation In A Negligence Lawsuit

Carnival-Cruises-Sued-By-Hairy-Man.jpgLast week, a Florida federal jury ruled in favor of Carnival Corp. in a negligence case brought by a passenger who alleged he had been badly injured during a cruise. Golden was a passenger aboard the Carnival Sunshine on a five-day cruise from Port Canaveral, Florida, to the Bahamas in May 2014, when he noticed while lounging with his family that the deck had become so hot it burned sections of skin on the soles of his feet, according to the December 2014 complaint. The burns became infected and gangrenous, leading to kidney failure and hospitalizations that resulted in three separate surgeries involving the amputation of all of Golden's toes in July 2014. Plaintiff claimed Carnival "knew that their fake Teakwood deck heated up to outrageously high temperatures so as to burn the feet of a passenger who ended up having all 10 toes and parts of both feet amputated." The jurors found after about two hours of deliberation that passenger Gregory Golden's injuries weren't caused by any negligence on Carnival's part.

Trucking Accidents

Truck Drivers.jpgWJHG reports that two people were injured after the driver of a semi-truck fell asleep on Interstate-10 early this month. According to a FHP report, a 29 year old male was driving a semi-truck west on I-10 around 2:30 a.m. near State Road 77 when he fell asleep. The semi drifted into the center grass median before crossing into westbound lanes and onto the north shoulder, where it hit several trees down the embankment.

Can Your Fitbit Be Used For or Against You In Your Personal Injury Claim?

fitbit.jpgFitness trackers are the new craze. You can walk into any gym and see that the majority of people have some type of device tracking their heart rate, the steps walked or calories burned. A Fitbit has recently made headlines here in Florida . Nina Risley, from St. Petersburg, traveled to Pennsylvania and was staying at her boss' home when police say she called to report she was raped by an unknown intruder. According to the police report, officers obtained her Fitbit Surge device and "the Fitbit device showed that Nina was awake and walking around the entire night prior to the incident and did not go to bed as reported" Police believe the steps recorded on her device prove Nina was awake and staging the crime scene instead of being asleep and ripped out of bed like she claimed. She was later charged with making a false report and tampering with evidence.

Dog Bites 101: Understanding The Law

dog-bites.jpgEach day, about 1,000 U.S. citizens require emergency care treatment for dog bite injury. The dichotomy is that dogs can be our closest companions. They often live in our homes, have been proven to decrease stress, increase our exercise levels, and are frequent playmates for children. But sometimes man's best friend will bite. In addition to causing pain, injury, or nerve damage, dog bites can become infected, placing the bite victim at risk for illness or even death. Even though the idea of being bitten by a dog is scary, it doesn't mean that it is time to give up your dog. People who work and live around dogs should be aware of the risk and take precautions. With a few tips, you can learn how to prevent dog bites and reduce the risk of illness and injury.

How Dangerous Are Elderly Drivers?

WJHG Channel 7 reports there was a tragic accident that occurred on last Tuesday night where one individual lost his life. The traffic crash happened in Calhoun County when a 71 year old man from Altha driving a Camry rolled through a stop sign and into the path of a Dodge Durango. The Durango hit the driver's side of the Camry and the elderly man did not survive his injuries. It happened at the intersection of County Road 274 and Porter Road just after 7 p.m. The elderly man's passenger and the two people in the Durango suffered injuries too.

What Happens When Accidents Are Caused By Law Enforcement?

Accidents happen". There are days and even weeks when this saying seems to be heard regularly, but very rarely do we hear or read about an accident caused by law enforcement. I was surprised to read an article recently on the WJHG Channel 7 website that a Panama City Police Officer was responsible for a car accident that occurred on Monday afternoon. The Florida Highway Patrol investigated the accident and cited the officer for following too closely to the vehicle in front of it and causing a wreck. It happened about 4:15PM near the intersection of 18th Street and Danford Avenue in Panama City. The policeman was trying to merge on to Highway 98 from the center turn lane. At the same time, a car driven by another resident from Panama City Beach was attempting to enter the center turn lane in front of the patrol car. According to the FHP report, Smith didn't see the other car and hit it from behind. Injuries were described as "minor", but the wreck closed part of Highway 98 for more than three hours while the investigation was taking place.

Will Florida Have "No-Fault" Insurance In The Future?

Taking another step to reportedly reduce fraud in Florida, a state representative out of Delray Beach filed a proposal to end the state's personal-injury protection auto insurance system, known as "no -fault," in 2019. As reported by the Orlando Sentinel, this proposal came two months after Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty mentioned repealing PIP and "doing nothing" to further reduce fraud in the personal-injury protection system. The idea appeals to state Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater, too.

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