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Distracted Driving: What State Has The Safest Drivers?

Thumbnail image for Distracted Driving.jpgWhen it comes to distracted driving, Florida ranks second in the country according to a recent study, which clearly suggests we all need to put down your phones. The findings suggest 92 percent of drivers nationwide with cell phones have used them while in a moving car in the past 30 days, according to EverQuote Inc., the online insurance firm that released the study's results. The study compiled data through 2.7 million vehicle trips and 230 million miles drives through a motion-sensing app to detect speeding, quick acceleration, hard braking, and other bad driving traits while the phone was in use carried by drivers on their smartphones over millions of miles between April 2016 and March 2017 .

How to Avoid A Roll-Over Accidents

Rollover.jpgHow common are roll-over accidents and what percentage come from over correcting. According to Consumer Reports, although rollovers occur in only about 3 percent of all serious crashes, they account for about 30 percent of people killed while riding in a passenger vehicle.

Car Accidents: How To Be A Good Samaritan Safely

Good Samaritian.jpgWhat is a Good Samaritan? A Good Samaritan is a person who helps other people and especially strangers when they have trouble. What do Good Samaritans do in car accidents? They are looking out for their fellow driver after a car accident and we all know after an accident that a little bit of help can go a long way. Sometimes it means heroically moving a victim from a burning car, but more often it means calling 911 or offering some reassuring words as that injured driver waits for help to arrive.

Failing To Move Over For Emergency Vehicles Caused Over 200 Car Accidents

iStock-513540728 (1).jpgWEAR reports that every year law enforcement officers are hurt or killed by someone failing to move over for a stopped or disabled vehicle. Recently, a Gulf Breeze man was killed on the roadside while helping someone in a crash and now the Florida Highway Patrol is reminding residents about Move Over Laws. The law requires that the oncoming driver vacate the nearest lane of traffic and, if that's not possible, they must slow down at least 20 miles below the speed limit. Motorists can face fines and points on their driver's license if they fail to move over or slow down near an incident, whether that's impacting law enforcement or other service workers like tow truck operators. The law does not apply during the short period of time when a driver is pulled over and waiting for emergency officials or a tow truck.

When Does Advertising Turn Into Jury Tainting?

trial_by_jury_usher-300x257.jpgFor many lawyers, the process of "picking the jury" is the most stressful, but the most important, part of a trial. Ensuring that your client has an unbiased jury is difficult, even for the most experienced litigator. It is not surprising that many lawyers find it difficult to lead a discussion on a variety of different topics with 20 to 40 strangers and, at the same time, analyze their strengths and weaknesses as potential jurors. As attorneys, we often wonder if someone is holding back or not telling us the entire truth. This is understandable, because many potential jurors can find our questions intrusive or related to personal topics. I can assure you that there is always a reason for the question being asked. In short, attorneys are trying to determine if you would be fair, even in light of each individual's personal bias.

Car Accident: Running A Stop Sign

stop-sign-unique-perspective-20960204.jpgA Pensacola man has been charged for running a stop sign after a two-vehicle crash that involved six people and left one woman with serious injuries. According to the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), 20-year-old male was driving a GMC Sierra south on Pompano Street approaching a stop sign at the Kingsfield Road intersection earlier this month. Meanwhile a 32-year-old male was driving a Nissan Altima west on Kingsfield Road approaching Pompano Street. FHP says the GMC Sierra failed to stop at the stop sign and crashed into the right side of the Altima. The Sierra came to a final rest facing a southern direction in the intersection. The Altima was facing a westerly direction in the eastbound lane of Kingsfield Road. The GMC Sierra driver and a minor passenger both suffered minor injuries. The driver of the Altima and two other passengers also experienced minor injuries. However a third passenger of the Altima, a 35-year-old female suffered serious injuries and was taken to Sacred Heart Hospital.

Safety Alert: Is Your Car Seat Protecting Your Child Adequately?

car seat.jpgSeveral counties across the state are working to educate parents when it comes to installing a child car seat. Organizations are coming together to check car seats in parent's cars. They are also answering questions on how to install car seats. Officials with Healthy Start want to change that by informing parents about car seat safety. They are urging parents to pay close attention to their child's car seat. Taylor is the Special Programs coordinator at Healthy Start. He told Channel 7 WJHG, that parents should look for a seat that is structurally sound and installed properly so that it keeps the child in the seat in the event of a crash. Other helpful information that Taylor told Channel 7 was that many parents don't know important details about car seats like knowing that the seats have an expiration date. "Plastic is of course susceptible to the sun and it does break down," explained Taylor. "Another thing a lot of people don't understand is if the car seat's ever been in an accident its supposed to be replaced."

Reckless Driver Incident Unveils That There Is A Shortage Of Florida Highway Patrolmen In Our Area

Florida_Highway_Patrol_.JPGWEAR-TV reports on an alarming issue that many of us living in Northwest Florida had no idea was a problem. We have a dramatic shortage of Florida Highway Patrolmen. This information came to light after an Okaloosa County woman approached WEAR-TV to find out why her report of reckless driving went unanswered by law enforcement. The dangerous driving was caught on camera by the local woman after the tractor-trailer almost ran her off the road. The Okaloosa woman started to follow the tractor-trailer and after seeing the truck dramatically swerving all over Interstate 10 heading west, she called Okaloosa County dispatchers to report the dangerous truck. She called Florida Highway Patrol three times, one of those times she was rerouted by 911. Troopers never showed up to pull the driver over. All the while, this truck continued to swerve, all the way into Pensacola. According to the woman, the truck was swerving from the left side of the right lane to the shoulder. No one ever came to pull the truck over.

Car Accidents: What About The Passengers?

passenger-accident.jpgVarious news agencies reported that a Tallahassee woman was significantly injured several weeks ago when she was involved in a car accident. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the car she was riding in was t-boned in Northern Bay County at the intersection of Hwy 20 and Blue Springs Rd. The male, who was driving the 2005 Honda Civic, the 32-year-old-female, and their two young children were driving home to Tallahassee from Panama City Beach when the driver told troopers he didn't see the stop sign at Blue Springs and skid into the path of a Chevrolet Equinox going west on 20. The 32 year old female was rushed to Bay Medical Sacred Heart, where she underwent surgery. The 28 year old male was also taken to Bay Medical with serious but non-life threatening injuries. The two children ages two and four didn't have a scratch and credited that to the fact they were restrained in age appropriate car seats. The other driver wasn't injured.  

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