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An FAQ Answering Questions We Hear Each Day

Q: What should I do if I have been in a motor vehicle accident?

The first thing to do is make sure everyone involved in the accident gets medical help immediately. It is also important to make sure that an accident report is prepared properly. Get a family member or friend to take pictures and gather other evidence from the scene, secure your vehicle and obtain contact information from those involved in the accident and witnesses.

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Q: I was injured in a car accident. Do I have a right to sue for damages, and how much could I expect?

A: Each case is unique. Some accidents are very simple and responsibility can be determined quickly. However, in some cases the circumstances are complex and pinpointing the responsible party isn’t black and white. After you have determined your entitlement to damages, the attorneys at Brannon & Brannon begin to evaluate your total damages. No one claim will be the same. Each person is affected by an accident differently. If you have been injured in a car accident, contact a Fort Walton Beach personal injury attorney as soon as you can. The attorneys at Brannon & Brannon would like to speak with you and get the details of your accident and advise you on your legal rights. Calling an attorney and obtaining information on your rights may be one of the most important decisions you make following an accident.

Q: A family member was badly injured in an accident due to the recklessness of another driver and now is unable to work. Is there anything I can do?

A: Loss of income is one of the types of damages that an injured accident victim can claim. You may be insured under an automobile insurance policy that provides valuable coverage, including coverage for lost wages. Call the office of Brannon & Brannon to learn more about your ability to claim wage loss benefits under your automobile insurance policy. The sooner you call, the sooner you may be able to receive the financial assistance you deserve.

Q: Do I have to keep track of my expenses?

A: It is crucial that every expense you incur as a result of an accident be documented. We advise all of our clients to keep track of their damages, whether significant or small. The attorneys and legal staff at Brannon & Brannon spend a lot of time reviewing medical billing statements, insurance payment ledgers and materials provided by our clients to ensure that we have accounted for all damages. If you have been injured in an accident, call the attorneys at Brannon & Brannon to discuss possible reimbursement of your expenses.

Q: Do I need a lawyer if I have been injured in a car crash or other accident?

A: It is always wise to consult with an attorney. Your initial consultation with Brannon & Brannon is free. The average person may not be aware of the actual amount of compensation that he/she is entitled to collect from the responsible party. We often hear from prospective clients that an insurance company has offered them several thousand dollars as full and final settlement of their personal injury claim. Generally speaking, these offers are made by insurance companies searching for a quick settlement. Your claim is usually being undervalued and you will not likely obtain a reasonable and fair amount based on the nature of your injuries. If you have suffered injury in an accident, the father and son team of attorneys at Brannon & Brannon will work with you personally to ensure that you receive full compensation. You will not be directed to a case manager to discuss the merits of your claim or to be advised of your rights. You will have the full attention of a licensed Florida attorney, who will be your strongest advocate following your accident.

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Our legal team consists of attorney Wm. Dennis Brannon and his son C. Paul Brannon. We work together as a father and son team to provide our clients with exceptional service and solutions in motor vehicle accident claims and other personal injury matters.
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