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Holding Drunk Drivers And Bars Accountable

Even if the evidence against the drunk driver seems overwhelming, it’s imperative that you retain the services of a highly qualified, highly experienced plaintiffs’ attorney in Florida. Your recovery from the accident often depends on the skills and dedication of your attorney as opposed to the guilt of the drunk driver.

  • What if the drunk driver has minimal or no car insurance?
  • What if your uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) insurance coverage doesn’t cover your injuries and losses?
  • Personal injury protection (PIP) insurance likely will not cover all of your injury costs. What about other damages?

Even your own insurance company will work to limit the amount of money it pays you for injuries and losses related to a drunk driving accident. For this reason, if you have concerns an accident in the Fort Walton Beach area was caused by an impaired driver, you need to speak with an independent personal injury lawyer right away.

At Brannon & Brannon, we offer free initial consultations, and we only handle cases on a contingency fee basis. Our firm handles all upfront legal costs in your case, and we only get paid if you get paid through settlement or verdict.

Since 1991, we have been representing both Florida and out-of-state victims who have been injured due to the negligence of drunk drivers. We’re familiar with the issues present when bars remain open until 4 a.m., and we are successful in maximizing compensation for our clients who live with the consequences of a drunk driver’s choices.

Dram Shop Law In Florida

Most states with dram shop laws make it possible to hold accountable for drunk driving accident injuries anyone who serves alcohol to a minor or to someone who a reasonable person could tell is intoxicated.

However, in Florida, the dram shop law only applies to someone who serves alcohol to a minor or knowingly to someone who is habitually addicted to alcohol. Therefore, bars, restaurants and party hosts are very difficult to sue for negligence under Florida’s dram shop law. It’s possible to obtain compensation through a dram shop case, but seeking the counsel of an experienced personal injury lawyer first is critical.

Compensation You Stand To Recover

Our attorneys secure the compensation that you deserve and hold drunk drivers accountable. Independent investigation of the accident scene, preserving police evidence and obtaining credible witness testimony are vital to your case.

We aggressively pursue compensation for past, present and future losses, including punitive damages, which are designed to punish the drunk driver.

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Our legal team consists of attorney Wm. Dennis Brannon and his son C. Paul Brannon. We work together as a father and son team to provide our clients with exceptional service and solutions in car accident claims and other personal injury matters.

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Attorneys Paul Brannon and Dennis Brannon
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