How Tired Truck Drivers Cause Accidents in Fort Walton Beach

Tired truck drivers pose a dangerous risk on the roads throughout Fort Walton Beach, FL. If you’ve been injured by a truck driver who didn’t get enough rest, our Fort Walton Beach truck accident lawyers want to hear from you. 

Truck drivers are under a lot of pressure to deliver their cargo on time. Unfortunately, they sometimes sacrifice safety for speed. Lack of adequate rest combined with massive, fast-moving trucks is a recipe for disaster. Our Fort Walton Beach personal injury attorneys have seen too many victims horribly injured by sleep-deprived truckers.

Your future depends on good medical care and experienced attorneys who know how to get truck accident victims fair and full compensation for their injuries. Call Brannon & Brannon Personal Injury Attorneys at (850) 863-5297 for a free, no-risk consultation and find out how we can help you through this difficult time.  

How Can Our Fort Walton Beach Personal Injury Attorneys Help You After a Tired Truck Driver Causes an Accident?

How Can Our Fort Walton Beach Personal Injury Attorneys Help You After a Tired Truck Driver Causes an Accident?

According to a AAA study, driving while drowsy can be just as dangerous as driving drunk. It’s particularly dangerous when the drowsy driver is operating a semi-truck. Our Fort Walton Beach personal injury lawyers know how catastrophic this combination can be. 

At Brannon & Brannon Personal Injury Attorneys, we have dedicated our careers to advocating for accident victims. While you may have to bear the physical pain of the accident, we work hard to make sure you don’t suffer the financial pain too. 

When you hire us to fight for you after a truck accident in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, we will get right to work by: 

  • Conducting our own thorough investigation to determine how the accident happened
  • Gathering critical evidence to help us identify who caused the accident
  • Working with top experts to strengthen your case
  • Handling all aspects of negotiating your compensation with the insurance company

The insurance company will be quick to blame you for the accident just to protect its bottom line. When it’s time to negotiate a settlement, we go to the table prepared with the facts and law on our side.  

Call us today for a free consultation and learn how we can protect you from insurance companies that don’t have your physical and emotional well-being at heart. We’ll level the playing field by keeping them honest.

Why Is Driving a Truck While Tired So Dangerous?

To keep our roads safer, federal regulations set forth how many hours truck drivers can drive. For example, they can’t drive more than 60 hours in a seven-day period. Unfortunately, not all truck drivers adhere to these hours of service regulations.

Driving a car while fatigued is dangerous enough. But when the tired driver is operating a truck, the risk of danger increases dramatically. 

Driving a semi-truck without sufficient sleep and rest is especially dangerous because:

  • Driving while fatigued significantly reduces the truck driver’s reaction time
  • Statistically, fatigued drivers are three times more likely to cause an accident
  • Truck drivers may not even recognize they’re fatigued because their judgment is impaired
  • A fully-loaded truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, which increases the risk of serious injury or death

While federal regulations try to address the issue of sleep-deprived truck drivers, they have their shortcomings. There are so many trucks on the road that safety rules can be hard to enforce. 

Also, federal regulations only apply to interstate truck drivers. If a Florida truck driver does not drive past the state line, they must comply with state hours of service rules, but these aren’t as strict as the federal rules.

If you’ve been injured in a Fort Walton Beach accident involving a tired truck driver, you need an experienced personal injury attorney to help you understand who is liable for your injuries and what your legal options are. Call Brannon & Brannon Personal Injury Attorneys to help you understand your rights.

What Types of Damages Can I Recover After a Tired Truck Driver Causes an Accident in Florida?

Trucks can inflict devastating injuries. If you’ve been hurt in an accident caused by a tired truck driver, you may be entitled to both economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages compensate you for the actual monetary losses you’ve incurred as a result of the accident. They include your:

  • Medical expenses, including anticipated future expenses
  • Loss of income as well as your impaired future earnings
  • Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other rehabilitation costs
  • In-home health care and nursing home expenses
  • Property damage costs

Your non-economic damages, on the other hand, include injuries that are more difficult to calculate. These include compensation for your pain and suffering, emotional distress, diminished quality of life, scarring and disfigurement, and other non-pecuniary losses. 

Proving your damages requires having attorneys like Brannon & Brannon Personal Injury Attorneys in your corner. We know what it takes to identify all your injuries and how to put a dollar figure on them.  

Call Brannon & Brannon Personal Injury Attorneys for Help If a Tired Truck Driver Caused an Accident in Fort Walton Beach, FL

If you’ve been injured in a Fort Walton Beach, FL accident caused by a tired truck driver, you may be dealing with mounting medical bills and loss of income. Your ability to get back on your feet again depends on getting the compensation you’re entitled to.

Brannon & Brannon Personal Injury Attorneys will fight for you every inch of the way and stand up to the insurance company, which will do everything possible to avoid paying your claim.

Begin your journey to physical and financial healing by calling us to arrange for your free, no-risk consultation. You don’t pay us unless we get compensation for you.