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Case Results

Motor Vehicle Accident Case Results

Type Of Accident: Rear-end collision

Attorney: Paul Brannon

Case Conclusion Date: October 6, 2014

Outcome: Verdict – $140,000; Final Judgment $300,000.00 (expected)

Description: My client was struck from the rear in a moderate speed impact. The insurance company hired a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and biomechanical engineer to dispute damages. After a four-day trial, the jury came back with a favorable verdict, awarding my client all of her past medical bills, a substantial portion of her future medical bills, wage loss and compensation for pain and suffering.

Type Of Accident: Auto accident in Walton County

Attorney: Dennis Brannon

Case Conclusion Date: 2014

Outcome: Verdict – $367,000

Description: Mr. Brannon tried this case in Walton County to a jury. A young woman was injured in this accident and required repeated spine injections for pain management. The defendant argued that the repeated injections were not reasonable or necessary. The jury agreed with Mr. Brannon instead and awarded damages. The defendant was required to also pay Mr. Brannon’s attorney fees and costs.

Type Of Accident: Alabama T-bone with injuries

Attorney: Paul Brannon

Case Conclusion Date: August 22, 2013

Outcome: $155,000

Description: This claim arose from a car accident in Alabama. The responsible party was attempting to cross four lanes of traffic. My client’s SUV was T-boned and totaled. After several years of physical therapy, injections, knee surgeries and disputes with the insurance company on the value of our client’s claim, we were able to obtain a favorable settlement for our client.

Type Of Accident: Auto accident involving a drunk driver

Attorney: Dennis Brannon

Case Conclusion Date: 2012

Outcome: Confidential judgment

Description: This case arose from a car accident involving a driver operating another person’s vehicle. The insurance company for the owner denied coverage on a very small liability policy. Mr. Brannon obtained a judgment against the operator and owner from the trial court. The trial court then determined that the insurance company did cover the driver and the owner of that vehicle. The insurance company was forced to pay the judgment entered by the court.

Type Of Accident: Motorcyclist run off road

Attorney: Paul Brannon

Case Conclusion Date: January 20, 2012

Outcome: $200,000

Description: My client was traveling to work one morning on his motorcycle and was surprised to find along his way a large commercial truck quickly crossing three lanes of traffic. Ultimately, my client was run off the road and sustained severe injuries.

Type Of Accident: SUV rollover

Attorney: Paul Brannon

Case Conclusion Date: November 13, 2011

Outcome: Partial Settlement – $200,000 / Ongoing

Description: My clients were returning from an out-of-state vacation to see family. Upon their return a vehicle attempted to pass them on the shoulder of the road. Ultimately, the negligent driver clipped the right-rear portion of their SUV causing both vehicles to run off into the shoulder of the road and flip/roll.

Type Of Accident: Local attorney injured in auto accident. Retained Dennis Brannon due to Mr. Brannon’s reputation within the legal community of Okaloosa County.

Attorney: Dennis Brannon

Case Conclusion Date: 2011

Outcome: Settlement – $750,000

Description: This case arose from a car accident. The defense defended the case on the claim that the impact was not sufficient to have caused the injury to the attorney and the adverse effects on his law practice. Mr. Brannon was able to effectively demonstrate that the surgery was necessary because of the accident and had a significant effect on the attorney’s income.

Type Of Accident: Young girl lost life in car accident involving drunk driver.

Attorney: Dennis Brannon

Case Conclusion Date: 2010

Outcome: Dennis Brannon recovered full policy limits on all auto policies and waived his fees due to the tragic loss of life of this beautiful young lady.

Description: Dennis Brannon assisted the family with all insurance claims, potential product liability claim and criminal proceedings against the drunk driver. The case was a high-profile case in the local community due to the family of the deceased and its reputation within the community.

Other Personal Injury Case Results

Type Of Accident: Eye injury from air rifle

Attorney: Dennis Brannon

Case Conclusion Date: 2013

Outcome: Settlement – $300,000

Description: This case arose from an incident in a home when a young man negligently shot another young man in the eye with an air rifle. The parents of the young man who caused the injury could not identify any liability coverage initially. Mr. Brannon, due to his years of experience with insurance companies and insurance policies, was able to locate and identify a renter’s liability policy that paid full policy limits on the claim.

Type Of Accident: Trip-and-fall

Attorney: Paul Brannon

Case Conclusion Date: August 21, 2009

Outcome: $235,000

Description: My client was visiting a local establishment and tripped over a curb that was very difficult to see. We discovered later that the elevation change violated Florida Building Codes and was not marked properly. Also, it is important to note that the curb was located in a transition area from light to dark shade, which ultimately camouflaged the hazardous condition.

Type Of Accident: Local attorney sued by ex-employees for injuries allegedly due to exposure to mold. Dennis Brannon was retained due to his reputation in the legal community.

Attorney: Dennis Brannon

Case Conclusion Date: 2009

Outcome: Dennis Brannon forced State Farm (insurance company for attorney) to cover all claims arising out of any injury to the attorney’s ex-employees and to cover all the attorney’s costs and fees of defense.

Description: Dennis Brannon was retained by local attorney when he was sued by ex-employees. The insurance company that insured the local attorney at first refused to defend him in the lawsuit or cover the attorney for the claims being made. Mr. Brannon forced the insurance company to provide coverage for the attorney and cover all damages and claims for fees or costs. Claims were defended by the insurance company due to Mr. Brannon’s efforts and were eventually dismissed by ex­employees.

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