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How to drive safety during Florida's rainy season

As Florida readers know, the state is in the midst of its rainy season. This means that powerful thunderstorms roll through on a near daily basis, which can cause dangerous conditions on area roadways. Here are a few basic safety tips to help drivers successfully weather the storms.

Report shows how safety tech reduces backup crashes

Backup crashes can result in property damage as well as serious injuries if pedestrians are involved. They sometimes end in the deaths of young children, too. Florida residents should know, however, that safety technology for newer vehicles can help reduce their risk for backup crashes. A report states that those with rear automatic braking in their vehicles report 62 percent fewer backup crashes than those without.

Safe driving for the school year

Florida residents who want to be safety-minded drivers, especially during the school year, can take the following tips into account. While they cannot prevent all accidents, they can drastically reduce the chances of one. The first things to remember are the laws regarding school buses. It is illegal to pass a stopped school bus on an undivided highway.

Roundabouts can reduce the risk of deadly car accidents

Most drivers in Florida are familiar with a few dangerous intersections in the state. For example, some roads with high speed limits come together with only a stop sign joining them. At night or in situations of low visibility, it can be far too easy for a devastating crash to occur. While traffic authorities can take action to improve the safety of these junction points by clearing away visual obstructions and adding additional warning signs, the intersections can remain the site of many crashes.

Safe driving tips for Florida motorists

Auto accidents can occur at any time through someone's negligence. While nobody can completely prevent crashes, Florida drivers can still reduce the chances of one through various safe practices. For example, drivers should keep their eyes on the road at all times, avoiding all cell phone use. They should not eat or reach for things that have fallen to the floor.

Study claims that females are more likely to drive distracted

Experts say that mobile phone use is a factor in roughly a quarter of all car crashes throughout Florida and the rest of America. A study conducted by the Society for Risk Analysis shows that talking on a phone doubles the risk for a crash while texting increases that risk by sixfold. However, researchers found that many drivers are unconvinced of the dangers and have negative attitudes toward road safety.

Car navigation systems can be as distracting as cellphones

The recent surge in distracted driving accidents in Florida and around the country is often blamed on cellphone use, but research from the American Automobile Association reveals that using the sophisticated navigation and entertainment technology found in most new vehicles can be just as distracting for drivers. The organization's Foundation for Traffic Safety arrived at this conclusion after evaluating the electronics systems in vehicles manufactured by Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, Honda and Kia.

Fireworks and drunk driving pose dangers on July 4th

Florida residents probably know that things can get hectic on holidays, but they may not know that the deadliest of all the nation's holidays is the Fourth of July. According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety and Esurance, it is the single worst day for fatal car crashes. Between 2007 and 2011, drunk drivers caused 40 percent of all highway deaths between June 30 and July 4. The same five-day period also sees around 200 traffic deaths each year.

Reducing distractions on the road with new tech

Smartphones provide drivers in Florida with so many distractions that they are becoming a major influence on car crash rates. AT&T, Sprint and Verizon each offer a free app that can silence all incoming communications and prevent drivers from texting while the car is in motion, but these capabilities can be inadequate in stopping distracted driving. This is where two new devices come in.

Steps to take after a car accident for an insurance claim

People in Florida have an obligation to stop after any kind of motor vehicle accident, even a minor one. Although emotions often run high after a wreck, people should refrain from discussing liability at the scene of accidents. Automobile insurance contracts require policy holders to never assume any kind of responsibility. Liability will be determined by the insurance company or other parties.

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