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What should I do if I see a drunk driver?

Modern vehicles have safety features that were unheard of just a generation earlier. Airbags, automatic breaking, seat belt pretensioners and whiplash-reducing headrests are just a few features that are becoming standard to reduce injuries in a car accident. However, you might agree that the features which help you avoid an accident may be far more valuable.

Speeding can quickly increase the chance of an auto accident

As a Florida resident, you know that certain times of year bring tourists and visitors to the state. This means there are more drivers on the road, which could lead to an increase in the number of car accidents. Unfortunately, many of these drivers navigate unfamiliar roads too quickly, and speeding plays a role in a significant number of motor vehicle accidents.

Florida drivers need to know how to drive safely in the rain

People who live in Florida enjoy mild weather for much of the year. However, the state does get a significant amount of rain, and residents and visitors need to know how to drive safely during times of less-than-ideal weather. Poor driving in the rain leads to an increased chance of an accident and injuries to innocent motorists.

Injured by a drunk driver, can I sue the bar that served him?

Drunk driving accidents happen all too often in the state of Florida. If you've suffered injuries in one, you may have a lot of questions regarding your right to seek compensation for your losses and from whom. For instance, you know that the driver who hit you had just left a bar and now you want to know if you can sue the establishment for damages.

Will tougher laws make it safer for bikers in Florida?

Motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation in Florida. With good weather for a large portion of the year, there are many who ride bikes for both enjoyment and transportation reasons. However, there could be certain risks associated with this particular type of transportation. Bikers and their passengers could be more vulnerable to injuries in the event of an accident.

What will it take to reduce distracted driving statistics?

Most Florida drivers know that it is extremely dangerous to text and drive. Despite the fact that it has proved to be extremely dangerous, many people still engage in distracting activities behind the wheel. From smart phones to in-car technology, there are more things that could distract a driver than ever before.

Florida laws look to reduce distracted driving in the state

While many states have laws in place that prohibit texting and driving and allow law enforcement to hold distracted drivers accountable, Florida lags behind. Up to this point, Florida does not have very strict laws against one of the biggest issues threatening the health and safety of every driver — distracted driving.

In the dark about your options after a nighttime car accident?

When the time changes, it means there are more drivers on Florida roads after dark. Night driving can actually lead to an increased chance for car accidents as it can affect the way a driver sees the road and other vehicles. Shorter days can actually lead to a higher chance of involvement in a motor vehicle accident.

Drugged driving and the threat to Florida drivers

Just like the consumption of alcohol or the use of a cellphone while behind the wheel, using drugs before operating a motor vehicle can have deadly consequences. Drugged driving is just as dangerous as distracted or drunk driving, and innocent Florida residents may pay the price for this type of negligent and irresponsible behavior.

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