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How to Avoid A Roll-Over Accidents

Rollover.jpgHow common are roll-over accidents and what percentage come from over correcting. According to Consumer Reports, although rollovers occur in only about 3 percent of all serious crashes, they account for about 30 percent of people killed while riding in a passenger vehicle.

Accidents: Four Roads In NW Florida Are Among The Most Dangerous

Dangerous Streets.jpgThe Pensacola News Journal and WEAR - Channel3 reports that four of the top 50 deadliest roads in the country pass through Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties, according to an analysis of National Traffic and Highway Safety Administration data performed by consumer research firm ValuePenguin. The firm pulled NTHSA Fatality Analysis Reporting System data from 2011 to 2015 and found Interstate 10, U.S. 98, U.S. 90 and U.S. 29 all to be among the most dangerous roads in the country based on the occurrence of fatal accidents per 100 miles. The analysis looked at road length as a replacement for ridership since many of the roads extend across several states. Interstate 10, which stretches through Northwest Florida from Jacksonville to California, was ranked as the fourth most dangerous road, with 54½ deaths per 100 miles. The interstate was also ranked as the second darkest road, based upon 472 deaths which occurred in dark areas, as well as the fourth most likely road for accidents involving a drunk driver with 310 deaths. U.S. 90 was ranked as the 29th most dangerous road based upon 342 fatal accidents or 20.9 fatal accidents per 100 miles, U.S. 98 followed up at 31st with 188 accidents or 20 fatal accidents per 100 miles. U.S. 29.

Accidents Involving Off-Highway Vehicles Claim 493 Lives In 2016

2e2ae721c64cbd49ce66de387a8228fe.jpgOff-highway vehicles (OHVs) are made up of three main types of vehicles: All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles (ROVs), and Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs). All of these vehicles carry risks of serious injury and death when not used properly or with the appropriate safety equipment and all of these vehicles could be made safer with a few common sense design changes.

Accidents: Make Sure Your Lawyer Preserves The Evidence

Evidence-Article-201407221432.jpgInsurance giant GEICO is being scrutinized after an East St Louis trucking company recently filed a lawsuit against the firm. According to a report in the Madison-St Clair Record, Beelman Truck Company filed the complaint alleging that GEICO had breached its duty to retain and preserve a vehicle that was to be used as part of it's defense in an underlying car accident lawsuit with claimant, Vera Rees.

How To Avoid Animal Related Car Accidents

Animal Accidents.jpgAccording to a Northwest Florida Daily News article posted in February, a 26-year-old male from Crestview, was traveling northbound on Airport Road in a 2013 Civic around 5:45 p.m., when he entered a slight left-hand curve and a dog ran into his path. He swerved to avoid the dog and thus traveled into the pathway of 38-year-old male from Niceville, who was driving southbound on Airport Road in a 2002 Hyundai. The Hyundai was unable to avoid the collision and the Civic struck the front of the Hyundai. Both vehicles came to a final rest within the area of impact. The driver of the Civic and two of his passengers had serious injuries. A third passenger was listed with minor injuries. The driver of the Hyundai had no injuries. A 2-year-old passenger had minor injuries and a second passenger was transported with critical injuries. Both vehicles were totaled, the release said.

What Happens When Accidents Are Caused By Law Enforcement?

Accidents happen". There are days and even weeks when this saying seems to be heard regularly, but very rarely do we hear or read about an accident caused by law enforcement. I was surprised to read an article recently on the WJHG Channel 7 website that a Panama City Police Officer was responsible for a car accident that occurred on Monday afternoon. The Florida Highway Patrol investigated the accident and cited the officer for following too closely to the vehicle in front of it and causing a wreck. It happened about 4:15PM near the intersection of 18th Street and Danford Avenue in Panama City. The policeman was trying to merge on to Highway 98 from the center turn lane. At the same time, a car driven by another resident from Panama City Beach was attempting to enter the center turn lane in front of the patrol car. According to the FHP report, Smith didn't see the other car and hit it from behind. Injuries were described as "minor", but the wreck closed part of Highway 98 for more than three hours while the investigation was taking place.

Self-Driving Cars More Prone To Accidents?

Are self-driving cars the wave of the future in terms of the safest cars there could be? Not so, says a new study. According to this, self-driving test cars are involved in crashes at five times the rate of conventional cars. According to USA Today who reported on the study, even when the figures take into account that many accidents involving conventional cars go unreported, the study from the University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute found that the rate is still twice as high. Notwithstanding this, the study makes the comparison from a tiny pool of autonomous test cars, about 50 of them in California, versus 269 million conventional cars as of 2013. The self-driving cars have logged about 1.2 million miles in total, while the conventionals cumulatively go trillions of miles a year. As a result, the total number of self-driving car accidents being used for comparison is the study is minuscule, 11. But that's five times the rate of the accident rate in conventional cars, and there's four times the injury rate, the study finds. The injuries, however, have all been minor. In almost every case, the accidents involving self-driving cars have involved other cars crashing into them. They are often traveling at slow speeds. No accidents have been reported from self-driving cars going haywire and a human is always on board in case something goes wrong. Eight of the 11 crashes occurred last year as more self-driving hit the road in California, where most of the testing is taking place. Despite limitations of the study, "A Preliminary Analysis of Real-World Crashes Involving Self-Driving Vehicles," it reached some real conclusions.

Potential Damages From Auto Accidents: What Can You Claim?

If you are injured in an accident where it was not your fault, you are entitled to recover the reasonable value of your medical bills, for lost wages , and the reasonable value for pain-and-suffering you endured as a result of your injuries. Regardless of what you may read on the Internet, there is no formula for calculating this value. Please note, each case is unique and determining what your case is worth takes experience, thus you should consult with an attorney at Brannon & Brannon.

Tragic Accidents Leave Deadly Results

The Northwest Florida Daily News reports that a 19-year-old Destin resident received minor injuries in a crash last week that left a Panama City Beach man dead. The 19 year-old Destin male was heading westbound on U.S. Highway 98 near Sandy Lane in Bay County when the other car pulled into his path. He tried to avoid a collision but couldn't, according to the Florida Highway Patrol media release. When the collision occurred, a 65-year-old Panama City Beach man, was ejected from the 2004 Jeep Wrangler he was driving. He died of his injuries early Thursday morning. An investigation continues into the accident. In addition, WJHG Channel 7 reports on a serious traffic crash that occurred just before 9 p.m. Friday. Parker Police Officials say a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle at the base of the Dupont Bridge. The victim passed away from his injuries at Bay Medical Center. The driver of the vehicle was not injured.

Multiple Car Accidents For Walton And Bay Counties

The Northwest Daily News reports that in less than three months, a Panama City Beach man has been arrested for his second DUI after rear-ending a family on Scenic Highway 30A. The 27-year-old male from Panama City Beach was driving east on 30A Sunday night when he rear-ended a car in front of the Tom Thumb gas station. The car Romano hit was driven by a family of three, including a three-month old baby. A Walton County Sheriff's deputy was at the Tom Thumb at the time of the crash and was able to respond almost immediately. By the time additional deputies responded, the male was swaying back and forth and slurring his words, according to the news release from the Sheriff's Office. He told deputies he had "three very, very strong drinks," became very agitated with deputies and repeatedly asked why he couldn't leave. Subsequently, he began to insult the deputies and call them names, according to the news release. While talking to the deputies. the male asked a female deputy if she wanted to watch him dance with his "jazz hands." The deputies had him perform a field sobriety test on scene, which he failed. He was then arrested for driving under the influence. As stated above, this is this male's second DUI, the 1st one was in Panama City Beach when the Panama City Beach Police Department officers found him passed out behind the wheel of his Mercedes in the middle of Thomas Drive in Panama City Beach on July 26, 2015.

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