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Florida has a hit-and-run problem

Drivers make mistakes. Accidents happen. When they do, drivers are expected to stick around and deal with the consequences of a wreck, whether people are obviously injured or not.

Somehow, a certain segment of the population in Florida doesn’t seem to have gotten the message.

Hit-and-run fatalities have risen throughout the state

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, hit-and-run wrecks with fatalities have risen more than 18%. Given that there’s been an overall decrease of hit-and-run accidents by about 13% in the same time period, that’s quite disturbing.

Many (but not all) hit-and-run drivers end up tracked down within a matter of days or weeks. For example, a 22-year-old driver who left a 26-year-old pedestrian he struck to die was caught after three months. A 31-year-old driver was caught nine days after killing a pedestrian in November. A 27-year-old driver was turned in to authorities just days after killing a 22-year-old university student who was riding a scooter.

Pedestrians bear the largest brunt of the fatalities in hit-and-run accidents. Out of 254 fatal hit-and-run wrecks in 2020, 25 of the victims were bicyclists and 137 were pedestrians. When a vehicle and a pedestrian collide, the pedestrian has no protection from the force of the blow from either the vehicle or the ground.

Florida launches “Stay at the Scene” campaign

February is Hit-and-Run Awareness Month, and Florida authorities have launched the “Stay at the Scene” awareness campaign to educate drivers about their obligation to remain at an accident site — and about the charges they face when they don’t. Others are also urged to take photos, call the police and provide as much identifying information as possible when someone flees an accident scene.

If you’ve been injured in a hit-and-run or a loved one was killed, the consequences to your life can be devastating. Trust an experienced personal injury attorney to help you fight for what you are due. In many cases, it is possible to overcome the challenges of these kinds of cases.



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