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What you can do to keep yourself safe while riding your bike

There are many things to enjoy about riding a bike here in Florida. First, you don’t have to procure a permit to operate one. You can also enjoy the Sunshine State’s nice weather without having to rely on a car to get around.

However, riding a bike also comes with many downsides. The one that stands out the most is how dangerous it can be, especially if you’re sharing the road with car drivers. 

How you can minimize your chances of having a bike accident

You shouldn’t assume that a motorist will treat you like any other driver while out on the road, even if the law requires them to do so. Many motorists believe that they have the right of way at all times. Therefore, you need to continually scan the road around you for anyone pulling out of a driveway, parking lot or side street. You also need to be particularly cautious when navigating curves and other potential blind spots. A driver may crash into you if you don’t.

It matters what you wear when you’re riding your bike. You should always put on a U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) approved helmet no matter whether local laws require you to do so or not. It can minimize your chances of suffering a head injury. Wearing reflective clothing can enhance your visibility and thus reduce the chances of a motorist striking you, especially when it’s dark at night. 

How you operate your bike can impacts your safety too

You may want to avoid riding on sidewalks as it may make it hard for drivers to remember you by the time you try to cross an intersection. 

You should also equip your bike with a headlight and reflectors to make yourself more visible at night. You should also never ride on the wrong side of the road, which happens to be the cause of at least 25% of all bike crashes.

Bike collisions are sadly quite common in both Okaloosa and Walton Counties and often result in severe injuries. An attorney can advise you how negligence and other factors may impact how much you’re able to recover if you file a claim in your case. 



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