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How the type of motorcycle helmet you wear affects your safety

Many jurisdictions do not require motorcyclists to wear a helmet when operating their motorcycle. Just the same, researchers at the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) argue that you never should get on the road — or your bike — without one.

But not just any helmet works: Those approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) make all the difference if you’re in a wreck.

What benefits do motorcycle helmets offer?

There are a variety of helmets available on the market. Some cover all but the frontal portion of a motorcyclist’s face, and others protect everything. 

A helmet’s construction dictates how much it will protect a motorcyclist in the event of a crash. Some provide shock absorption to minimize a motorcyclist’s risk of a skull fracture and blunt force trauma, yet leave a motorcyclist’s face and neck vulnerable to the elements. Others provide full protection.

What about a helmet’s construction keeps you safe?

The DOT argues that there are several key features that motorcyclists should aim for when selecting a helmet that’s going to protect them the most:

  • It should have either a fiber composite or polycarbonate construction. These materials are most capable of deflecting an energy force away from your head if something comes in contact with your helmet.
  • It should have an impact-absorbing, multi-layer lining such as a Styrofoam one that can absorb the force of any impact and keep your head stable. An additional layer of padding closest to your head ensures that your helmet will fit more tightly.
  • A chin strap is another critical component that your motorcycle helmet should have, as it will keep it on you instead of sending it flying off.

Without these features, you don’t have the full protection you need.

What can you do when you’re injured by an errant driver?

Some types of crashes happen in Okaloosa or Walton Counties that are so serious that no helmet or clothing will protect a motorcyclist from injuries. An attorney may be able to aid you in recovering the costs associated with medical bills in such Florida cases.



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