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Car crashes often produce the worst kinds of broken bones

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2020 | Car Accidents

Broken bones can be painful and debilitating for the person dealing with a fracture. Thankfully, with modern medicine and proper setting or surgery, fractures in bones will often heal quickly with pain levels decreasing as the bone knits.

Although people often experience a temporary loss of strength and range of motion in the body part around the broken bone, it is possible to fully recover both strength and flexibility with diligent physical therapy and exercise. Unfortunately, not all broken bones and fractures follow that straight path to healing.

Some broken bones are much worse than others. The kinds of broken bones that often happen in car crashes can be particularly hard for doctors to treat and more difficult for people to permanently recover from after the crash.

High speeds can lead to compound or open fractures

The most basic kind of broken bone involves a simple lateral fracture in one place that remains relatively stable even after the injury. All of the trauma is inside of the body.

In an open or compound fracture, the break occurs with enough force to push the bone through the muscle and skin. This kind of fracture presents the risk of serious blood loss and infection. The broken bones can also often have jagged edges or multiple small pieces of bone involved that make them harder to set and heal from.

Violent collisions can also lead to torsional fractures

Torsion or spiral fractures are frequently comminuted fractures. In a comminuted fracture, the bone breaks into more than two pieces. With a spiral or torsional fracture, there is a twisting motion applied that turns the bone and breaks it, often in multiple places. Such fractures are often very hard to set and can do severe damage to the bone and the nerves nearby.

Even after adequate medical care, these kinds of severe fractures may result in permanent decreased strength and flexibility, as well as lingering pain symptoms. For some people, the severe fractures could mean needing to change careers from a physical job to a lower-paying job because they can no longer perform the same labor they once did.

Anyone dealing with severe financial consequences from a broken bone suffered in a car crash may need to look at their options for compensation, such as insurance claims and civil lawsuits.



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