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What two age groups are most at risk of a major car crash?

All sorts of factors influence the likelihood of a particular individual getting into a car crash. How recently they’ve slept, the maintenance of the vehicle, weather conditions and even the time of day can all impact the likelihood of a crash occurring.

Another more individualized factor that influences the likelihood of a crash is the age of the driver. Statistical analysis of crash data makes it relatively easy to determine what age groups have the most risk for a crash. There are two groups that are at higher risk than most other demographics, and the average person likely won’t find these groups surprising.

The very oldest and youngest drivers are most at risk

Teenagers often have to deal with social prejudice about their driving, but there is some data to back up the belief that teens are a risk at the wheel. New drivers who are 16 or 17 years old are the most likely of any age group to get into a crash. In those crashes, they are more likely than other drivers to suffer injuries and to experience crashes where other people drive.

However, older adults are also at higher statistical risk. Drivers over the age of 80 are the people most at risk of dying in a car crash, possibly because of how age can leave people more medically vulnerable to traumatic injuries.

What these statistics mean for your safety

Obviously, you can’t just avoid ever crossing paths with drivers over the age of 80 or early teen drivers. However, with careful attention on the road, you can likely identify these drivers and take extra care when driving in close proximity to them. You can also use the knowledge of these risks to discuss safe driving with your teenagers or aging parents.

If you do get hurt in a crash caused by an older driver or a very young one, you may need to make a claim against their insurance policy. However, both young drivers and older adults often have budgetary limits that restrict how much insurance they can carry. In the event that there isn’t enough insurance to cover all of your costs in the crash, you may also need to consider taking civil action against the driver.




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