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Tourists hurt on vacation shouldn’t wait for medical care

When you head out with the family for a fun vacation, medical expenses probably aren’t part of your budget. Whether you travel to Florida from another state or just decide to take a small road trip to your family’s favorite beach, the goal is fun and relaxation, not getting seriously hurt.

Tourists and in-state vacationers alike are as vulnerable to accidents and injuries as anyone else. Those trying to enjoy a relaxing time on the Florida coast could wind up hurt in a boating accident caused by someone drunk while driving a personal watercraft or injured in a car crash caused by someone texting at the wheel.

If you do get hurt on vacation, you shouldn’t wait until you get home to seek medical care.

Injuries can get worse over time

If you suffer an injury and delay medical care, your prognosis could drastically worsen. Continuing to try to use a limb with a broken bone, for example, could worsen the fracture and increase healing time. Not getting quick treatment for a head injury might result in increased swelling and worse symptoms. Internal bleeding from blunt force pressure to your abdomen could even put your life in danger if you don’t receive quick diagnosis and treatment.

Waiting until you get home for your vacation may put you in a worse position medically. That decision could also reduce your right to compensation, as the person responsible or their lawyer could claim the treatment delay is the cause of the severity of your injuries, making them at least partially your fault.

After an accident, medical insurance doesn’t really matter

Many people will cite the costs associated with out-of-network medical care as a reason to wait until they get home to seek treatment. What these people may not realize is that in situations where another person is responsible for their injury, their medical insurance likely won’t apply to the claim anyway.

Even if the medical insurance company pays the claim, they will probably subrogate the payment and make a claim against the driver’s insurance policy or the insurance policy on the boat involved in an aquatic incident. That means that you don’t have to really worry about the out-of-network costs because those expenses should get paid by the person responsible for your injuries or the insurance company that provided them with coverage.

Getting care sooner rather than later will improve your prognosis and even make it easier for you to prove that your injuries are the result of the incident.



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