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How are driver distractions categorized?

Florida drivers face many dangers on the road. Many of these dangers are unfortunately preventable. A lot of them stem from distracted driving behaviors.

To prevent distraction from taking more lives, understand what a distraction is. Most driver distractions can fall under three distinct categories. Sometimes there is overlap between two or all three.

What are cognitive distractions?

The National Safety Council looks at how driver distractions end up categorized. They discuss it through the lens of hands-free tech, which only covers two of the three categories. Thus, the NSC considers these devices to lack full protective capabilities. This tech excels when it comes to stopping visual and physical distractions. But it cannot stop cognitive distractions.

What are these categories, exactly? Cognitive distractions are the only type that inventors cannot find a way around. A cognitive distraction is anything that takes your mind off of the task at hand. In this case, that task is driving. Unfortunately, our brains cannot focus on one thing for long periods of time. Almost every driver has let their mind wander, especially when driving familiar streets. This is a form of distracted driving.

Understanding physical and visual distractions

Physical and visual distractions are easier to address. Physical distractions include anything that takes your hands off the wheel. Visual distractions include anything that takes your eyes off the road. Hands-free tech addresses both. It uses voice activation and speaker systems. This allows you to speak your commands and receive audio answers and input in return. Unfortunately, all three of these categories contain dangerous distractions. The inability to address one type leaves drivers open to danger.



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