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Is your headache related to a Florida collision?

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2020 | Car Accident

The day may have started out like any other typical day. Perhaps, you grabbed your keys to head out for work while most of your family was still asleep. Maybe, you work from home but wanted to make a trip to the grocery store to pick up a few items for supper. Whatever it was that prompted you to get behind the wheel, you no doubt reasonably expected that you would safely arrive to your destination because you are a careful driver who adheres to Florida traffic laws.

You may have noticed a potential hazard before the collision occurred, or it may have happened so suddenly that you never saw it coming, especially if the other driver hit you from behind or cut you off in your lane of travel. You hopefully sought medical attention immediately following the incident. Your attending physician at the emergency room also hopefully stressed the importance of continuing to monitor your condition for weeks, in case any signs of traumatic brain injury or other symptoms arise.

Brain trauma is not always immediately apparent

You likely felt frightened, upset and even sick to your stomach after another driver struck your vehicle. If the driver was texting or otherwise distracted at the time or was acting under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it’s understandable that you may have also felt frustrated or angry because such collisions are easily preventable. The reason it’s so important to closely monitor your condition after a collision is that the symptoms on the following list, which suggest possible traumatic brain injury, may not surface right away:

  • Inability to remember the crash: Being nervous can affect your memory. However, if you can’t recall the events leading up to your collision, it’s best to report such symptoms to a physician, especially if you were able to recollect the incident at first but have since lost your memory.
  • Sleep or appetite disturbances: It’s not uncommon to have bad dreams or to lose your appetite after you’ve been through a traumatic experience. However, such symptoms may also be signs of traumatic brain injury, which is why it’s worth discussing them with your doctor.
  • Headache or upper body discomfort: If you’ve been in a collision, you’ll want to seek medical examination for any type of head pain or facial, neck, or upper body discomfort. It’s equally important to make sure the physician you see is aware that you were recently in an auto accident.
  • Cognitive impairment: If you feel confused or have trouble forming coherent thoughts or speech, it is imperative that you return to the hospital as you may have suffered a concussion or other brain injury.
  • Light sensitivity: If bright lights are giving you severe headaches, it warrants additional medical care as this, too, is a common sign of concussion. Even if you don’t recall hitting your head in the collision, it’s still possible that you have a traumatic brain injury.

The road to recovery from a traumatic brain injury can be long and arduous. It takes time and a lot of rest. Even if you feel better, it doesn’t mean you are better. In addition to medical treatment, it’s also important to obtain all necessary insurance information from the driver who hit you.

Legal complications may arise in the aftermath of a Florida collision as well, which is why it pays to stay closely connected to an experienced personal injury law attorney as you navigate the recovery process.



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