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How can I keep my family safe when taking an extended road trip?

Whether you and your family are traveling for a vacation or you are on your way to visit relatives across the country, safety is a must when driving your vehicle. Many things can go wrong during your trip, from poor weather conditions to in-vehicle distractions.

Car trips with children, especially young ones, can also be tough for parents when it comes to maintaining a safe driving atmosphere. Here are a few safe driving tips for road trips so you can arrive at your destination securely.

Have your vehicle inspected before you leave

Bald tires, brake pad problems, and engine issues can all lead to dangerous accidents on the road. They can also lead to breakdowns, which leaves you and your family vulnerable until help arrives. That is why all road-trippers are urged to have their vehicles looked at by a mechanic before setting out on an extended journey. In addition to looking for problems, your mechanic will also perform necessary maintenance, such as replenishing fluids and increasing tire pressure to ensure your safety on the road.

Pack an emergency kit

Even with your mechanic’s help, your vehicle might still breakdown during your journey. An emergency kit may be a literal lifesaver, in this case. In the event you must wait for help to arrive, packing nutritious snacks and bottles of water ensure your family is well cared for. You should also pack basic tools in case of a flat tire, which requires a jack, tire iron, and spare tire ready for use. It is a good idea to have tow services in place through your insurance or another provider before your trip takes place.

Take breaks or switch drivers

Driving while fatigued can be just as dangerous as drunk driving or driving while distracted. If another adult, such as your spouse, is coming on the trip, take turns with driving duties to prevent either driver from becoming fatigued. If you are driving with only your kids in tow, schedule plenty of breaks during your journey. If you are feeling tired during your drive, do not hesitate to stop at a hotel overnight to regroup.



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