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Impaired driving involves more than just drugs and alcohol

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There are many reasons why car accidents happen, but human error is the leading cause. The choices that Florida drivers make behind the wheel matter, and when they are negligent or reckless, these choices can needlessly endanger others. One of the most common poor choices drivers make is to get behind the wheel while impaired, greatly increasing the chance of car accidents.

Impaired driving encompasses a wide range of behaviors. It includes anything that affects a driver’s focus, causes the removal of hands from the wheel or affects cognition and decision-making ability. There is no excuse for this type of negligence, and a driver is responsible for the ways his or her choices affect others. If you are the victim of an accident caused by an impaired driver, you do not have to suffer through the aftermath in silence.

What is impaired driving?

Unfortunately, many people who are driving while impaired may not think they are doing anything reckless or dangerous. Most of the time, people associate impaired driving with driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs. These certainly qualify, but some of the other types of impaired driving include:

  • Driving after taking prescription medication that causes drowsiness or mental fogginess
  • Driving while looking at a phone, talking on the phone, eating, putting on makeup, adjusting the radio or doing anything else distracting
  • Driving while overly fatigued, which can lead to a driver actually falling asleep, swerving or making poor decisions while behind the wheel
  • Driving while having a known medical condition that can make it difficult to stay awake or drive safely, such as epilepsy 

Sometimes, impaired driving is the result of a medical condition, and in other cases, it is the result of poor choices. Regardless, each person who makes the choice to drive is also responsible knowing whether he or she can do so safely. Otherwise, innocent people can suffer serious or fatal injuries. 

Are you a victim?

It’s not always easy to know what caused an accident. In fact, you may not be certain you know the reason why your crash occurred, but you are certain that it was not your fault. Accidents can be remarkably complex, and it often requires the experienced eye of a knowledgeable professional to review your case in order to understand exactly what happened. To learn more about your accident and your legal options, it can helpful to reach out for help as soon as possible after a crash.



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