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When are you most vulnerable on your motorcycle?

by | Apr 18, 2018 | Blog

The truth is that you are always vulnerable on your motorcycle since you don’t have the same protections against impact as those in passenger vehicles do. However, there are times when the risk of danger rises rapidly, and you may only have seconds to respond to it.

Sometimes, all you have time to do is to try to reduce the severity of the injuries you will suffer because an impact can’t be avoided. At least if you know what conditions increase your risk, you may prepare for them.

Left turns at intersections put you most at risk

The most common type of motorcycle accident occurs when a passenger vehicle turns left directly into your path as you approach an intersection. Whether the driver failed to adequately assess your speed or just didn’t see you, there is now a car directly in front of you, and you have a short amount of time to react. 

Unless you really have no other choice, you should never lay your bike down. This makes you even more vulnerable. If you have time, you could take evasive action to get around the vehicle. In many cases, you may only be able to reduce your speed as much as possible in order to lessen the energy from the impact.

Of course, defensive driving could also reduce your risk of this type of collision. Always expect a vehicle to turn in front of you. Take a few seconds as you approach each intersection to assess your surroundings, including potential escape routes, and keep an eye out for vehicles that may turn.

Lane changing also puts you at risk

What’s so risky about changing lanes? Well, when you are already in the lane and a car moves into it, you could go down. Inattentive drivers may not see you and move into your lane while you are in it. You may be able to avoid this type of crash by staying out of a vehicle’s blind spot, but even that doesn’t guarantee that a driver will pay attention to you.

Reading both the driver of the vehicle next to you and the traffic around you may help you avoid this type of collision. If you see any indication that a vehicle is moving into your lane, you may have time to take evasive action.

The vehicle behind you puts you at risk, too

For any number of reasons, a driver may fail to stop when the vehicles in front of it are not moving. Whether at a stop light or in a traffic jam, what may be a minor fender bender for two passenger vehicles could cause you serious or fatal injuries.

It may help to move in between the vehicles, move to one side of your lane or take some other action that provides you with a quick escape route if the vehicle behind you fails to stop.

When your efforts to reduce your risk fail

There could come a time when you are unable to avoid a collision under any of the above circumstances. Your injuries could require a significant amount of medical intervention and recovery time. You will probably incur significant medical expenses and perhaps lose income as well. You may be able to recover these and other damages through the filing of a personal injury claim in a Florida civil court.



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