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Florida drivers need to know how to drive safely in the rain

People who live in Florida enjoy mild weather for much of the year. However, the state does get a significant amount of rain, and residents and visitors need to know how to drive safely during times of less-than-ideal weather. Poor driving in the rain leads to an increased chance of an accident and injuries to innocent motorists.

Safe driving during rainy weather requires simple common sense and knowledge of how to react in case of a hazard. Unfortunately, many people drive recklessly during bad weather, and the result is often preventable accidents, property damage and physical injuries suffered by innocent individuals. If you were hurt in an accident that happened in the rain, it may be the result of reckless or negligent driving.

Smart driving reduces accidents

Whether it is severe weather or just a summer shower in the afternoon, drivers would be prudent to know how to protect themselves and others from harm. Safe driving is a personal choice, and while it is impossible to control external factors, making the choice to practice smart driving habits can greatly reduce the chance of an accident. Some of the things that drivers can do to be safe include the following:

  • Slow down. Speeding is one of the leading causes of car accidents, even when it is not raining. Wet roads and other issues can greatly increase the chance of a speed-related accident and make it more likely to cause injury.
  • Stay away from cruise control. Because cruise control works to keep a vehicle moving at a consistent speed, it can make it more likely that a driver will hydroplane. Drivers should turn off cruise control, remain vigilant and drive slowly.
  • Use wipers and headlights. Many drivers forget to put their headlights on in the rain. This can make it difficult to see other vehicles. Also, drivers should give themselves as much visibility as possible by using wipers, even in light rain.

These simple steps can greatly reduce the chance of an accident, yet many drivers do not follow them. If you suffered because of the poor choices of another driver, you have rights.

Rainy weather, more accidents

Rainy weather will mean more accidents, which also means innocent people can suffer because of the negligent actions of other motorists. Regardless of the weather at the time of your accident, you have the right to seek compensation for your losses. A personal injury claim can hold liable parties accountable and allow you to address your needs and move forward.



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