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Work to remain alert in construction zones

No matter where you are driving, you likely want to get to your destination in a timely and efficient manner. You may try to plan ahead and schedule your day so that you can accomplish all the tasks you need to do. As you drive, you may feel as if you will have the ability to accomplish everything you had hoped when suddenly you hit traffic.

Though traffic can happen for a number of reasons, having to travel through a construction zone can feel particularly tedious. Additionally, because these areas can pose a considerable number of hazards, you may find yourself struggling to pay attention to all of the different directions you may need to follow. Because you face such issues, you may want to assume that other drivers could also have a hard time, which could increase your risk of accident involvement.

Use caution

You certainly do not want to find yourself in a construction-zone accident due to any actions on your part. Therefore, you may wish to take the following precautions into consideration in hopes of better ensuring your safety:

  • Stay alert – Traffic changes in work zones can happen suddenly, and workers or equipment could end up in the roadway. If you have not prepared to stop or go when necessary, you could end up colliding with another vehicle or object.
  • Proceed slowly – Though most people want to get through construction zones as quickly as possible, going too fast through these areas could increase the chances of an accident occurring.
  • Pay attention to traffic directions – Often, construction zones have flaggers or signs in place that help direct the flow of traffic. If you do not pay attention to the signals provided, you could put yourself at risk.
  • Maintain proper following distance – As mentioned, traffic changes can suddenly occur in these areas, and if you follow the vehicle in front of you too closely, you could end up rear-ending it. Thirty percent of construction zone accidents are rear-end collisions.

You may also find yourself wanting to look at the type of work underway or distracted by other actions outside your vehicle. If you slow down to notice these distractions, you could become a hindrance.

Accidents happen

Even if you try to use caution in work areas, other drivers may not. As a result, another traveler could easily cause a crash that results in your suffering serious injuries. In such events, you may have cause to pursue legal action against the driver considered at fault in hopes of obtaining compensation for damages.



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