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Texting and driving: A serious danger on the road

Drivers often face many temptations while operating vehicles that could take their attention away from driving. Because many individuals use texting as their main form of communication, texting while driving has increased as one of the most dangerous distractions on the roadway. You may find yourself feeling unsafe while traveling due to the possibility of coming across distracted drivers.

The statistics surrounding cell phone use while driving present startling information. Unfortunately, you may find yourself involved in a serious car accident caused by another driver’s inattention, as cell phone use is four times as likely to cause a car crash.

Texting presents particular risks because it falls into all three categories of distracted driving:

  • Manual distraction – The driver takes his or her hands off the wheel in order to open or send a text message.
  • Visual distraction – The driver takes his or her eyes off the road in order to look at the phone screen to read or send a text.
  • Cognitive distraction – The driver takes his or her mind off the task of driving in order to read a message or think about how to respond to a message.

While texting, the driver’s attention and control significantly decrease, and reaction times may slow. A driver can only remove his or her eyes from the road for two seconds before the action becomes unsafe. Because the average text message takes longer than two seconds to read or send, any action involving texts can prove dangerous.

With 33 percent of drivers between the ages of 18 and 64 in the United States indicating that they have read or sent text messages while driving, many consider the odds of being involved in a texting-related crash high. In fact, over 340,000 car accidents in 2013 involved texting.

If you have suffered serious injuries due to a driver texting while operating a vehicle, you may wish to consider your legal options. Pursuing a civil claim for damages resulting from a crash involving distracted driving could help you work toward much-needed compensation.

Because personal injury claims can involve many actions and attention to detail, you may wonder whether you are up to such a challenge, especially while working to recover from the injuries suffered. However, with the assistance of an experienced Florida attorney, you may have the ability to focus on your recovery while a legal professional assists you in ensuring that your case moves forward as smoothly as possible.



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