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How vulnerable are motorcycle riders?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents

Did you know that motorcycle operators must be more skillful than vehicle operators are? That is the opinion of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration who says a high percentage of crashes involving motorcycles result in severe injury or death. Apart from crash helmets and protective clothing, bikers have none of the protection offered to motor vehicle drivers, such as the bodies of the vehicles, safety belts and airbags.

There are three types of injuries that are most common.

If you are a motorcyclist, the maximum protection against serious motorcycle accident injuries would be a protective suit, footwear, gloves, eye protection and a helmet. Defensive driving and constant alertness to the surroundings may significantly decrease your odds of suffering any of the following severe injuries in a crash:

1. Fractures

Because they have only two wheels, motorcycles typically fall over when they are involved in crashes. Riders rarely have the time to avoid the bikes falling onto their legs, which often results in fractures. Therefore, one of the most common injuries among motorcycle accident victims is broken legs. Also, arm and wrist fractures often result from bikers trying to arrest their falls, and many suffer pelvis or shoulder fractures. In severe cases, a biker can end up with multiple fractures.

2. Head injuries

Authorities say head injuries cause most of the disabilities and deaths that result from motorcycle accidents, and it often includes traumatic brain injuries. Many bikers fight against regulations that require them to wear helmets. However, some studies have shown that although helmets do not prevent all head injuries, states that have helmet laws have reported fewer deaths and head injuries along with a reduction in medical care costs.

3. Road Rash

Without the protection that automobile drivers have, a motorcycle crash will often cause the rider to land on the road surface, and the lack of protective gear can lead to skin damage. Physicians classify road rash according to the severity of the abrasions. First-degree road rash is a case in which the skin is red but not broken, and second-degree road rash is when the skin’s outer layer is damaged with the inner layers still intact. The third-degree category refers to those cases in which severe skin damage exposes the underlying tissue and fat layers.

If you or a loved one has to cope with the effects of motorcycle accident injuries that were the result of another driver or party’s negligence, and you are also facing the subsequent financial damages, you may need the support and guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney in Florida. Such a professional will be familiar with the level of uncertainty, stress and hardship the entire family of such a victim goes through. A skilled lawyer can advocate for you in all legal aspects while also handling communications with opposing parties.



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