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Why is Florida the deadliest state for motorcycle riders?

Bike rallies large and small are set to kick off across the state. One of the larger events is Bike Week in Daytona Beach, which attracts thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Whether you ride to big events or from your housing to the Eglin Air Force base to save gas, there are two statistics that you need to know. Approximately seven percent of licensed drivers in the state ride a motorcycle. But they account for almost one-fifth (19 percent) of the motor vehicle deaths on Florida roads.

This places Florida top of the list as the deadliest state for motorcycle crashes, according to a Highway Traffic Safety Administration report.

What is the cause?

Since the repeal of the bike helmet law, the number of motorcycle deaths has doubled. While the law was controversial, helmets and other protective gear have been shown to save lives.

Distractions, such as cell phones and GPS displays, are factors increasingly cited as the cause of accidents. The age of the average motorist in Florida may also be a factor.

Defense strategies

As a rider, you constantly need to be on the watch for vehicles coming into your lane on the freeway. Also, watch for drivers turning left who may not see your motorcycle.

One of the most important tips is to give enough space, so you have time to react to the unexpected.

Because you cannot control how others drive, a helmet and other safety gear like boots, gloves and leathers can reduce injuries in a crash.

Quick action after an accident

After a motorcycle accident, your perception of time may slow down as you go through recovery. This is where you need to speak with an attorney.

Our personal injury attorneys understand how insurance companies operate. We can also move quickly to preserve evidence and then fight for fair compensation to pay for medical costs, lost wages while recovering as well as pain and suffering experienced after the crash.

Source: News 4, “Report: Florida deadliest state for motorcyclist,” Kumasi Aaron, Mar. 2, 2016



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