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Safety Alert: Hoverboard Injuries On The Rise

I have to admit, I have not gotten on a hoverboard, but I have seen them all around my neighborhood and I have seen them on tv, the internet and have read numerous articles about hoverboards. I am hesitant to buy them for my children based upon the risks that come with the hoverboards and the lack of regulations that the toys have or warnings that the manufacturers give to consumers. I have done enough research that most people who do use a hoverboard do not use it safely and as a result….ER physicians are seeing hundreds of people with injuries because of dangerous falls that are occurring.

At first people were worried about the hoverboards catching fire. Now people are worried about the high numbers of falls and lack of warning. The CPSC issued a warning about the products earlier this month. “While the fire hazard has generated significant attention, I do not want to downplay the fall hazard,” said CPSC Chairman Elliot Kaye in a statement earlier this month. “I am also concerned that there is no safety standard in place for hoverboards. Strong safety standards protect consumers.”

In Miami, physicians from a Children’s Hospital are alarmed enough that they went to a local news agency to warn of the dangerousness of hoverboards. Physicians from Nicklaus Children’s Hospital have seen a rise in the number of patients sustaining injuries from hoverboard falls. They had 54 kids and teens treated at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, between Dec. 19 and Jan. 9, for a hoverboard related injury. In the three-and-a-half week period, hoverboards increased in usage and popularity and as a result, caused 42 fractures. “Over 11 percent needed to have surgical intervention and over 20 percent of kids needed to have, what we call, conscious sedation where the children were put under anesthesia and had the bones manipulated and put back into place,” said orthopedic surgeon Dr. Avi Baitner.

Children and teens are not alone in their injuries.

How to be safe while using a hoverboard:

1. Use a helmets, knee pads and other safety gear.

2. Riders should have someone with you in case you do fall.

3. First-time riders should find tutorials on how to use the devices before taking one for a ride, or a fall.

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