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How To Get Auto Insurance Discounts

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2015 | Insurance

Auto Insurance Carriers are getting creative on how they get your business so if you have not done some comp

arison shopping in several years, you should. These days, carriers are dangling all sorts of discounts that will let you save on premiums.

Auto Insurance Carriers are data driven. They study data on accidents and claims, and they know the characteristics of policyholders who file fewer claims. This allows them to create new incentives and discounts to help attract safer drivers, while also helping them to encourage existing policyholders to reduce accidents and claims.

1. Bundle:

If you’ve replaced your vehicle with a newer one recently or bought a home, you should price compare. For example, some carriers now offer an auto insurance discount if you own a home. And if you insure both your home and auto with one insurer, it will likely offer an additional multi-policy discount on top of that.

2. New Car:

If you’ve recently replaced your car, it can pay to check for safe vehicle discounts, such as for antitheft devices, antilock brakes, daytime running lights and other accident-warning and -avoidance technologies.

3. Green Vehicles:

Another new discount is for “green vehicles” — hybrids or alternative fuel cars. Among insurers offering a green vehicle, discount are Allstate, Farmers and Liberty Mutual.

4. Good Drivers:

Drivers with a safe driving history free of accident claims will have a great chance of obtaining discounted rates (3 consecutive years).. Some also offer “claim-free discounts” to drivers who don’t get in accidents and don’t file claims for extended periods.

5. Usage-based discount/save-as-you-drive program:

The requirement here is that you agree to have your driving monitored to prove you’re a safe driver. You have to connect a telematics device to your car that records data about your driving and sends it to the insurance company. The information includes how fast you drive, how quickly you accelerate/decelerate and how many times a day you drive. Drivers with safe behavior, as determined by the gathered information, can get discounts as high as 30 percent.

6. Defensive driver course:

Most insurance companies offer a discount of up to 15 percent if you’ve recently completed a defensive-driving course.

7. Full Payment

If you forgo installments and pay your annual premium at once, you could save 5 percent to 10 percent.

8. Paperless billing and automatic payment

Sign up to have your payment automatically deducted from an account and elect to receive only electronic statements, bills and policy notices. That will typically take an additional 5 percent off.

9. Auto club:

Some car insurance providers give reduced rates to drivers who get roadside assistance from an auto club like AAA.

10. Professional organization :

Being a member of certain professional groups may save you money on car insurance.

11. Low-risk occupation:

Many car insurance companies offer savings for certain professions that have lower rates of accidents and claims by drivers in those jobs.




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