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August 2015 Archives

Tragic Car Accidents In Recent News

WJHG Channel 7 out of Panama City reports of some horrible accidents that occurred last weekend in Northwest Florida. A car crash occurred at the intersection of State Road 20 and County Road 275 in Altha which resulted in one woman dying. Last Saturday night, a 25 year old male was traveling south on County Road 275, approaching State Road 20. At the same time, a second car was traveling westbound on State Road 20 approaching the intersection of County Road 275. FHP reports the 25 year old male failed to observe the stop sign and collided with the passenger side of the other male's car. It was the passenger in the car that was impacted who was pronounced dead on the scene. Officials say alcohol was a factor, and at this time charges are pending.

Uber Not Making Any Friends In Okaloosa County

The Northwest Daily News reports that Uber is not making any friends in Okaloosa County. According to County Commissioners, airport staff have reached out to Uber to see if they are interested in becoming a part of the airport ground transportation, but all they have received is silence from Uber. Thus, Okaloosa County Commissioners declined to change the airport's ground transportation ordinance to allow Uber and similar companies special accommodations. The commissioners want a thorough conversation with Uber to fully understand the company's business model and how the county can "regulate it appropriately." In late May, commissioners were interested in incorporating Uber into the county ordinance. Currently, only registered taxicabs can operate and be available for hire transportation at the airport. In addition, authorized operators have to obtain a business tax receipt, holding at least $300,000 in bodily injury and property damage liability insurance and passing a background check and vehicle inspection. One of the commissioners, Carolyn Ketchel, had originally supported Uber drivers being available at the airport but now she has learned Uber drivers are not vetted or insured like taxi drivers. Commissioner Wayne Harris said unregulated Uber operators present "the potential for some type of crime or some type of problem" at the airport. Trey Goodwin was the only Commissioner who voted to change the ordinance, stating that the county could work directly with individual drivers, who are independent contractors, instead of waiting on Uber to respond. Goodwin argued the board to remember that Uber is merely a broker in the transaction. The board agreed to revisit the issue if Uber representatives agree to discuss the issue with county officials in the future.

Supreme Court Will Weight Heavily In 2016 Presidential Election

We have heard it before - over and over - your vote counts! This upcoming presidential election, your vote will really count because the next President could change the makeup of the highest court in the country, the United States Supreme Court.

Distracted Driving Is Making Some Think Twice About Driving At All

According to Pew Research, Millennials (ages 18 to 34 in 2015) are projected to number 75.3 million in 2015. That means they will surpass the Baby Boomers (74.9 million) as the nation's largest living generation this year. Research came out several years ago that millennials were not buying cars and they weren't getting their licenses. At the time, the United States was in a recession and the reason this generation wasn't driving was mostly because couldn't afford to. Now, millennials are finally in the market for a car, and they are the second biggest generation buying cars next to Baby Boomers. But they still don't want to drive because they're afraid of other drivers.

Day Care Driver's Personal Auto Insurance Does Not Cover Baby's Wrongful Death

Charlsie Bryant and Rosland Easterling, co-representatives of the estate of Dominicue Amari Andrews, filed a wrongful death lawsuit after Dominicue Andrews died at 22 months in July 2011, allegedly from the effects of the summer heat he was subjected to when he was left in a car seat in the back of a van used to transport him to the Jomiba Learning Center in Homestead, south of Miami.

Car Accidents: Failure To Maintain Lane Of Traffic

A 17-year-old Niceville girl was seriously injured Sunday afternoon when she failed to negotiate a turn approaching the Mid-Bay Bridge. She was driving a 1997 Lexus northbound on State Road 293 when she entered a curve in the roadway and lost control of her car. This caused her to strike two southbound cars, one of which then hit a fourth car. The first vehicle she struck was a 24 year old man from Destin. He was not injured. The occupants of third car -- which the 17 year-old hit head-on -- where two young men from Marietta, Georgia. They were both injured. The fourth car was driven by a female from DeFuniak Springs who was also injured. The Niceville girl was charged with failing to maintain lane of travel.

Do You Know What To Do If You Are Involved In A Car Accident?

The Northwest Daily News reports that Santa Rosa Beach man is in critical condition after a tragic accident this past Sunday. FHP reports a female from Covington, Kentucky, was traveling east in a 2006 Mazda on the outside lane of U.S. Highway 98. As she approached the intersection of County Road 283 around 1:30 p.m., she did not notice two vehicles that were parked in the lane facing east and had just been involved in a crash. The drivers and one passenger were outside of their cars examining the damage. The Kentucky female failed to notice the cars until it was too late to stop safely. Two of the individuals who were examining the damage were able to jump out of the way, but the man from Santa Rosa Beach did not get out of way in time and was pinned between the vehicles for a time period.

Florida's New Driver's License Test Is Producing Record Failure Rates

WEAR Channel 3 reports that failure rates for Florida's driver's license test are skyrocketing. In January, the state switched to a new 50-question written exam. So far, almost three out of every five people who took the exam through June didn't pass. That's far below the state's typical rate. State officials expected some applicants would have trouble adjusting to a new written test implemented in January but acknowledge it erupted into an unexpected problem when they discovered more than 80 percent of drivers in some counties were unable to pass.

Intentional Tort: When Car Accidents Aren't An "Accident"

A 22-year-old Niceville man was involved in a crash with an Escambia County Sheriff's Office vehicle last week. The man was southbound when he crossed the center line and struck the front of marked patrol car. At the time, the Deputy was conducting a vehicle escort on Scenic Highway. According to investigators, the driver of that vehicle said he intentionally collided head-on with the Deputy in an attempt to commit suicide. The Niceville man's vehicle overturned after the head-on collision and was not wearing a seatbelt which resulted in injuries. The Deputy sustained injuries as well, but he was wearing a seat belt.

Equitable Subrogation Dispute Sent To Florida Supreme Court

Last week, an appellate court asked the Florida Supreme Court to review its decision that Allstate and their policyholder who was found responsible in an underlying personal injury action have the right to seek payment from a group of medical care providers who allegedly made the man's auto injuries worse. The Brevard County case involved an accident in which Benjamin Edward Hintz was riding a scooter and was struck by a car driven by Emily Boozer, whose father owned the car and was an Allstate policyholder. That led to a lawsuit in which the Boozers were found liable for nearly $11.2 million, with Allstate paying its policy limit of $1.1 million.

Are Hospitals Overcharging Auto Accident Victims To Exhaust Their PIP Benefits?

A Federal Court has agreed to hear a case where several plaintiffs allege a chain of hospitals, HCA Holdings Inc., overcharged patients' personal insurance protection (PIP) at several HCA-run Florida hospitals by charging up to 65 times what Medicare pays. In the appeal, the plaintiffs challenge a Judge's decision which took away the class action and allowed only one of the plaintiffs to go forward with her claims against a single hospital.

Boating Safety: Protect Your Kids

Boating is one of summer's best things to do, especially in Northwest Florida. You can see the sandy white beaches, enjoy the beautiful water, and usually see a marine animal or two. And usually, those that take a boat out to enjoy, take their children along with them. There is no reason not to take the kids along. But make sure they're protected.

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