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Safety Alert: Hot Cars And Kids

As parents it’s our number one goal to keep our kids safety at the top of the list. I know many parents who are juggling so much that some of those “balls” can fall from time to time, but remembering where your child is, is so important. In fact, it is as important as life and death. As we move into summertime here in Florida, the temperatures will keep climbing higher and I hope and pray we have no incidents where our children die because they are left in a hot car. WEAR Channel Three reports that according to, an average of 38 children a year die from heat-related deaths after being trapped inside a vehicle. This is a mind blowing number to me. On their website they found, “In well over 50% of heatstroke related deaths, the person responsible for the child’s death unknowingly left them in the vehicle.” found, “In most situations, this happens to the most loving, caring and protective parents.” Channel Three interviewed a local pediatrician to get her take on the situation. Baptist Medical Group Pediatrician, Kacey Gibson told Channel Three News, “I don’t think any person that this happens to ever thinks that this is going to happen to them. I mean who would plan that? However, it is very easy to just be on autopilot as any of us Americans are and forget something as simple, as important as a child.”

In the state of Florida, leaving a child unattended in a motor vehicle is illegal. Experts agree that even when it is 70 degrees outside temperatures inside a vehicle can be well over 100 degrees. Those experts report that even with the windows down, and under the shade, temperatures in the car will rise 30 to 40 degrees in over an hour,. To avoid this happening to your child, set up reminders in your vehicle that your child is in the car with you. People suggest putting the diaper bag in the front seat or take off your shoes and put them next to the car seat.

Employees with the City of Pensacola Fire Rescue pass out stickers that are thermometers every year. Pensacola Fire Rescue’s Lieutenant Gary Creel said, “It is a visual reminder for a driver that there might be a child or pet in the vehicle.”

He said they have a limited amount of stickers. To get one, call their administration line: (850) 436-5200




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