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Everyone wants to avoid being involved in a car accident. But, what many do not appreciate are the problems that arise in single vehicle accidents. The first two questions that pops into my mind are (1) “What caused you to wreck your vehicle?” and (2) “Does your insurance policy provide coverage that protects you in that situation?”

The CAUSE: This is question is paramount to all others. The cause or the causes of your accident will ultimately dictate what insurance coverages are available to you or your family. Single vehicle accidents can be caused by many things, including but not limited to:

  1. Operator’s Neglect (inattention, falling asleep, intoxication, texting, etc.)
  2. Animals In The Road (deer, bear, birds, etc.)
  3. Phantom Vehicles (vehicles that never make contact with your car, but that cause you to operate your vehicle in such a way that causes you to wreck your car – i.e. avoidance)
  4. Products Liability (something about your vehicle causes you to lose control of your car)
  5. Pedestrians (people walking in the road – i.e. avoidance)

The list can keep going, but you get the picture. Once you determine the ‘root’ cause of your accident, you should be asking yourself, do I have the appropriate coverage to pay for all of my damages (medical bills, lost wages, property damage, etc.)

INSURANCE COVERAGE: If you were wise enough to purchase Uninsured Motorist coverage with your automobile insurance policy, you are ahead of the game! Uninsured Motorist or UM coverage provides benefits to you and your family when an uninsured or under-insured vehicle causes you injury / damages. Sometimes your injuries or damages exceed the available liability insurance provided by the negligent driver’s policy. What then?

For you educated consumers, UM will, more often than not, provide valuable insurance benefits to make up for the difference in your total damages and the liability insurance coverage, if any, provided by the wrongdoer. Unfortunately, UM coverage doesn’t always provided coverage in single vehicle accidents. Typically, automobile insurance polices require that an “uninsured motor vehicle” be contribute to or cause the accident. In the scenarios listed above, you can see when this might be a problem (operator’s neglect, animals, faulty equipment, and pedestrians. In these instances, it is often discovered that UM benefits will not protect you and your family. I personally believe that is why some form of health insurance is so important. Without it, you may be up to your eye balls in debt from medical bills.

A good personal injury attorney will look at every angle and every cause to find you the insurance coverage that you need. Sometimes, even a good attorney cannot find coverage. But, you are better off consulting with a personal injury attorney that has limited his practice to such claims. If you or a loved one has been involved in a single vehicle accident and you have questions, call the personal injury attorneys of Brannon & Brannon.

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