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Have you been injured in an accident? Is an insurance company pressuring you to settle your claim? Many people find themselves facing these questions and others. Injured victims often describe a sense of urgency to make a decision about the settlement of their claim. This feeling that you experience is often created by an insurance adjuster. Adjusters will often pressure you to make quick decisions soon after an accident or before you have completed your treatment. Many people find that without the help of an attorney they will accept less money and still face ongoing medical problems. The insurance company is not your friend during this process, although many of their advertisements on TV paint this picture. The adjuster will initially sound sympathetic, and show concern about your well being, but does that individual or the company they represent truly have your best interest in mind OR are they more concerned about the bottom dollar and the insurance company’s yearly profit margin.

Don’t be surprised if an insurance adjuster prematurely offers you an insignificant sum to settle your claim. Keep in mind and understand that insurance companies are for-profit businesses that make money by paying out as little as possible for their claims. Many times what they are offering you is only pennies on the dollars of what your claim is worth. The pressure the insurance company is putting on you right after your accident is FALSE. Don’t allow anyone to pressure you to sign any documents related to your accident without the advice of a personal injury attorney.

After speaking with an attorney, you will soon realize that there is ample time for you to receive your treatment, discuss options with your medical providers, obtain the reasonable medical care recommended by your doctor and, then, discuss the possible settlement of your claim. An injured accident victim has four (4) years in the State of Florida to bring a claim against any individual or entity that he or she believes is responsible for causing such injuries. Each state’s legislature has passed its own statute. Some states’ statute of limitations for negligence claims are shorter than Florida’s four (4) years. Therefore, if you do not know when you are required to bring a claim against the person or entity that caused your accident, I strongly recommend that you consult with an attorney licensed in that particular state. Keep in mind, if you miss the statute of limitations, it is more likely than not that your rights against the responsible party have been lost.

A last note, not all claims are the same. Not all claims fall within the four (4) year statute of limitations. To be positive what rights you have, you must speak with a licensed attorney.

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