A Day Of Parasailing In Florida Can Turn Tragic

The thrill of parasailing makes it a popular activity throughout northwest Florida along with other water sport activities. Many Florida residents and tourists make parasailing a bucket list activity. However, when parasailing companies fail in their standards of care and safety and cut corners to save a few dollars, injuries and death can occur.

Time Is Of The Essence Following A Parasailing Accident

Take immediate action and contact a lawyer if you or a loved one suffered broken bones or back, neck or spinal cord injuries in a parasailing accident caused by:

  • Malfunction of towline, harness, sail or any other part of the boat
  • Parasailing company or operators lacking proper licensure
  • Staff lacking proper training in operation and safety/emergency procedures
  • Employees ignoring dangerous weather conditions
  • Lack of training in proper techniques and safety measures

Medical attention comes first. However, your insurance provider or the insurance company representing the parasailing company may be hesitant in paying any type of claim. Oftentimes, the insurance company's best offer for settlement represents pennies on the dollar.

We effectively counter the tactics of insurance companies with attorneys who combine more than 45 years of experience. Both Dennis Brannon and Paul Brannon pride themselves as being skilled trial lawyers. They do not shy away from litigation, especially when it can provide the best outcome.

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