Maximizing Compensation For Accidents On Commercial Property

With ownership of a store or restaurant comes the responsibility of ensuring safe surroundings for its patrons. Yet, when owners and managers fail to act, accidents happen. For you, the simple act of a quick trip to a store or restaurant can have devastating, life-changing consequences.

The Need For Immediate Legal Representation After A Slip And Fall

Challenges exist in slip-and-fall and other premises liability claims involving stores, restaurants and other types of commercial property. Many victims of slippery surfaces, cracked pavement, falling merchandise or loose stair railings are not sure if they have a claim or if they were just clumsy.

Don't ignore your injuries. Don't tough it out, as some would suggest. Don't walk away from the accident scene because of any embarrassment. Take immediate action. If you are able, identify your surroundings and any potential witnesses.

Please know any delays increase the chances of not having a full recovery of your injuries. The sooner the father-son team of lawyers at Brannon & Brannon can pursue compensation on your behalf, the better for you and the recovery process.

Knowing insurance companies are usually unwilling to settle for the full value of your claim, we build detail-oriented, fact-based claims with the help of medical and life-planning experts. All cases are prepared for trial, even if we end up settling.

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