Compensation For Injuries While Vacationing In Florida

No one wants to cut a vacation short, which was possibly months or years in the planning. Yet, accidents happen that leave you or a loved one permanently injured. The father-son attorneys at Brannon & Brannon represent Florida residents and tourists from out of state who suffer injuries while enjoying much-needed time away from home.

Were You Injured At A Resort?

Specific types of accidents that occur while vacationing at a resort or other Florida destination include the following:

  • Plane accidents; bus, van or rental car collisions
  • Personal watercraft, parasailing and other water sport accidents
  • Premises liability claims involving swimming pool-related accidents, hotel escalator and elevator accidents, negligent/inadequate security resulting in violent crimes and other premises liability accidents
  • Rental car and public transportation accidents
  • Amusement/theme park accidents
  • Negligent hiring of security and other staff

Brannon & Brannon is staffed by father-son partner attorneys who take on the challenges of complex slip-and-fall cases. They handle all aspects of personal injury claims and attend to every detail while you recover at home, even if you reside out of state.

While insurance companies are hesitant to pay a minimal amount for the losses you suffered, we build a case to defend against their tactics. We employ all our resources to maximize the compensation so you can move on with your life. Simply stated, each personal injury case is prepared for trial even if we end up settling.

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