Compensation For Injuries On Someone Else's Property

Generally, when an injury occurs due to a dangerous condition on someone's property, the property owner is liable for the damages that occur as a result. However, no property owner will simply compensate an injured accident victim adequately. Most cases of this kind require serious negotiation, if not aggressive litigation, to make sure accident victims get full compensation.

At Brannon & Brannon, our lawyers have a wealth of experience handling claims involving premises liability. Attorneys from our father and son legal team have been serving injury victims in Fort Walton Beach and the surrounding area in Florida for more than 45 combined years. We are here to help you.

Property Accident Cases

Our attorneys handle injury claims involving:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents: Slip and falls are among the most common premises liability accidents, especially in retail stores, restaurants and other public places. In many cases, spilled food or liquids, unkempt areas and dangerous conditions result in serious injuries.
  • Dog bites: Dog and other animal owners are generally liable for injuries that their pets cause, even when they are not on their own property. Dog bite laws have complex nuances and there are many challenges in this type of litigation. Our lawyers can help you through the process to obtain the compensation you need.
  • Resort and vacation injuries: Florida is a major tourist destination, especially near the shores and beaches. Auto accidents on Highway 98, Interstate 10 and other dangerous roads throughout the state are common, as are other types of accidents and injuries.

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