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Personal perceptions differ on texting while driving.

For Florida drivers, as well as those around the country, there are strong disparities in the concept of distracted driving. Often, people are against an unsafe driving habit but believe they themselves are able to handle the unsafe habit. Such is the case with texting while driving.

In a recent insurance company survey, more than 90 percent of the 1,000 participants believe texting and driving should be illegal. Among the younger participants, however, the majority believes they are capable of safely text while operating a motor vehicle. For older individuals, or those over 55, the number drops to less than 10 percent.

A collision can be more than just a pain in your neck

There are a multitude of injuries that can occur during a motor vehicle accident, some of which might not exhibit immediate symptoms. However, despite the delay, these injuries can be exceedingly painful, and in some cases, they may lead to long-term or permanent damage.

If you have been in a collision, you may have walked away feeling lucky, only to wake up days later feeling as if the incident just took place. If this sounds familiar, like many others, you may be suffering from the effects of whiplash.

When slow driving is hazardous

Florida residents might think that speeding is more dangerous than driving slowly. While this is true in many cases, there are times when driving too slow is also risky behavior. Both reckless and overly cautious drivers can present challenges to others.

Driving within the minimum and maximum speed limits is the safest best, but one should also determine an appropriate speed by looking at other traffic on the road. Motorists should avoid going substantially slower than other vehicles and watch for those moving at a crawl.

Vigilance for fall driving

After a long summer, many Florida residents enjoy the respite that fall provides. Mild temperatures bring colorful leaves, pumpkin patches and apple cider. However, autumn also welcomes some hazardous driving conditions. For example, those bright and colorful leaves can make driving conditions slippery and hide traffic lines.

The fall season also increases the likelihood of fog. Areas surrounded by hills, water, mountains and trees will see the most fog because the chilly temperatures of fall make fog more likely in such areas. To improve visibility, many drivers use the high beams on their vehicles when driving through fog. This can be a big mistake. Instead, drivers should use their low beams because high beams tend to bounce off of the fog and create a glare.

Bicyclists may want to be on the lookout for potential hazards

Bicycling can have many benefits as well as act as an enjoyable activity for any Florida resident in which to participate. You may wish to use this method of travel to get to your various destinations, or you could simply enjoy getting out for a ride in the open air. Whatever reason for your riding, you certainly want to avoid potential hazards as best as possible.

Though you may not have the ability to avoid every potentially risky scenario that you could face while bicycling, you can take steps to better ensure your safety as a cyclist. By taking precautions, you could possibly lessen your liability if you become involved in an accident with a vehicle.

Modern automotive safety technology is saving lives

In Florida and across the United States, lives are being saved by smart collision avoidance systems equipped in modern vehicles. New research conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows how early warning systems that alert drivers about sudden lane departures and other hazards have contributed to a reduction in fatalities and injuries. This longitudinal study evaluated 5,000 road traffic accidents that took place in 2015, and researchers are hopeful that auto safety technology will produce more positive results in the near future.

One particular data set in the study focused on lane departure warning sensors. Unfortunately, many drivers turn off these alerts because they feel that they are annoying. This is particularly the case with beeping alarms. Automakers have taken note of this behavior and are now moving toward switching these alerts from audio alarms to vibrations of the steering wheel or driver seat.

Alleged drunk driver kills 3 in chain reaction crash

A 29-year-old Florida woman is facing charges after she allegedly caused a chain reaction of car accidents that ultimately resulted in three fatalities on Aug. 10. The accident took place on Selmon Expressway in Tampa.

Investigators said that the woman lost control of her vehicle, causing the car to veer into the grass median. This action caused another car to veer across the median and into coming traffic where it struck two other vehicles. This car caught fire, resulting in the deaths of two adults and a child. Authorities said that the woman attempted to leave the scene of the accident, but she was taken into custody shortly after the incident.

Minor rear-end car accident can lead to major problems

As you drive through town, you come to a routine stop at a red light. However, what you do not realize is that you may end up being stopped for much longer than you anticipated. Another car suddenly strikes the back of your car, causing your head, back and neck to move violently.

You have just been involved in an injury-causing rear-end collision. Unfortunately, a seemingly minor rear-end car accident in Florida can do some major damage to you long term.

Sleep apnea testing will not be required for truckers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration withdrew a rulemaking, or pursuit of implementing a rule, regarding sleep apnea testing for truck drivers. Florida drivers might be interested in the proposed rule, which would have required sleep apnea testing for up to 40 percent of drivers due to certain conditions, including body mass index and age, before they could receive certification.

The current legislation states that medical providers can decide if truckers should be referred for in-lab sleep apnea testing if they feel that the driver's respiratory condition might be a possible factor for truck accidents. The FMCSA had been considering legislation that would result in referrals for drivers with BMIs of 40 and higher and for those with BMIs of 33 or higher who were also at least 42 and male. These drivers would be issued temporary certification until the sleep apnea test results.

Further investigation required in fatal Florida boat accident

An in-depth investigation by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is pursuing answers and information regarding a recent fatal boating accident near Crab Island. Currently, charges are pending against the driver of the boat for operating a water vessel while under the influence of alcohol.

Reports state that the victim of the accident was a passenger in the boat. He lost part of his leg and then passed away after the driver crashed the vessel into a channel marker located in Choctawhatchee Bay. There were two other passengers in the boat at the time, and both of them suffered minor injuries in the crash.

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