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Supreme Court refuses to hear truck drivers' lawsuit

Florida motorists may be interested to learn that the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal of a class-action lawsuit on June 19 brought by six truck drivers against the U.S. Department of Transportation. The truck drivers had alleged that the pre-employment reports the DOT distributed to carriers made it more difficult for them to find work as it disparaged their reputations. The truck drivers were supported by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association.

In the 2014 lawsuit, the drivers argued that the pre-employment reports were only meant to disclose reports about trucking accidents. To the extent that the reports documented minor infractions, they violated certain provisions of the Privacy Act of 1974. DOT denied that the pre-employment reports contained disparaging information or too much information.

Truck driver training rule takes effect

Florida truck drivers may know that, following a five-month delay, a rule that sets national training standards became law that was effective as of June 5. The rule comes with a three-year compliance window and will apply to those receiving their CDLs on or after Feb. 7, 2020, and after.

The rule establishes a a core curriculum that new CDL applicants and truck driver trainees must be taught. The rule requires behind-the-wheel training. CDL applicants will have to receive their training from driver trainers who have been approved by the FMCSA. Under the rule, the trainers, including carriers who offer training at their own facilities, will have certain criteria that they must meet before they can be approved by the FMCSA.

What damages can you claim for damage suffered in an accident?

If you were hurt in a car accident, you know how expensive it is to simply pursue a full recovery. From medical bills to damage done to your vehicle, one collision can leave you with expenses that impact virtually every area of your life. If your accident was not your fault but was the result of the actions of another person, you may have valid grounds to seek financial compensation for your pain, suffering and other losses. 

The amount that you may be able to recover depends largely on the individual details of your accident. If you believe that you have a valid claim to financial compensation after a personal injury incident, you would be wise to seek the opinion of a Florida attorney experienced in this specific area of law. 

Low-speed impacts can have big-impact consequences

A car accident of any kind is frightening, and any type of collision could leave you injured and dealing with various complex consequences. Even a low-speed impact can cause big injuries, and the aftermath of collisions 25 miles per hour or less can be just as serious as a major highway collision.

One of the most common types of low-speed impacts are rear-end accidents. Despite the fact that these are fairly common, they can still cause significant damage and injuries that leave victims with lingering pain. If you are the victim of a low-speed crash in Florida, you could still have a viable claim to financial compensation through a civil claim.

Child deaths in car accidents

Researchers from Harvard University and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center collaborated on a study that looked at state-by-state trends in fatal vehicle crashes involving children under 15. Based on data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System for the years 2010 to 2014, Florida emerged as the state with the third highest number of child deaths in motor vehicle accidents. During that period, 144 children died on Florida roadways.

The South as a region fared the worst when compared to the Northeast, Midwest and West. Out of a nationwide total of 2,885 child deaths, 1,550 died in fatal crashes in the South. This produced a mortality rate of 1.34 children per 100,000 children per year for the region.

Supreme Court declines to hear truck driver sleep apnea case

Truck drivers in Florida and around the country may be more likely to be tested for sleep apnea after an April Supreme Court decision. The nation's highest court ruled that it would not hear arguments in a case brought by a truck driver who claims that such testing violates the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Obstructive sleep apnea is a debilitating condition that can cause extreme fatigue and exhaustion, and experts at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration have urged for mandatory sleep apnea testing of truck drivers with body mass indexes of 35 or higher.

The risks of developing sleep apnea increase when individuals are overweight, smoke or lead sedentary lifestyles, and the FMCSA is pushing for more rigorous testing because truck drivers who spend most of their working lives sitting are more likely than most workers to fall into one or more of these high-risk categories. The FMCSA's Motor Carrier Safety Committee and Medical Review Board have both called for obese truck drivers to be tested for the condition, but officials have yet to agree on how to implement such a regulation.

What can accident victims recover in a lawsuit

With Memorial Day weekend quickly approaching, it is expected that traffic volumes will be higher than usual. In fact, AAA expects the number of travelers to be its highest since 2005. Perhaps lower gas prices and steady employment allows people to take vacations. Regardless of the reasons, the mass exodus for vacation getaways begins in earnest on Friday.

Because of the traffic volumes, Memorial Day weekend is also known for being one of the most dangerous times to be on the road. Yes, most drivers vigilant; but unfortunately accidents still happen. When they do, it is helpful to know what kinds of damages can be recovered. This post will focus on a few. 

Bike cams can be a rider's best friend...and enemy

If you ride a bike in Okaloosa County, you have to “keep your head on a swivel.” The common football adage means that riders must be aware of their surroundings at all times. After all, while most drivers may say that they look out for pedestrians and bicyclists, especially when they are involved in an accident, the reality is that they don’t always do so.

Nevertheless, the advent of technology is allowing more bike riders to create videos to chronicle their rides. A number of riders are using helmet cameras; similar to those high-definition cameras used by elite cyclists. Others are going towards “bike cams” where the camera is actually attached to the bicycle’s handle bars. Both cameras are useful not only in giving people a glimpse into the rider’s world, they can be very useful in the event of an accident. 

Can a drowsy driver leave you dazed?

Because you and many other individuals lead hectic lives, you certainly have felt the pull of drowsiness after only catching a few hours of rest the night before. Though this issue may only result in your needing an extra cup of coffee or catching a nap in the middle of the day, it can pose a significant risk to individuals on the roadway if a sleepy person gets behind the wheel. Sleep deprivation can easily reduce a driver's reaction times and his or her ability to effectively operate a vehicle.

Unfortunately, some parties may think that they will not face any negative effects of driving while drowsy. However, they could cause a car accident that results in you suffering serious injuries.

Don't walk away from a full recovery after a pedestrian accident

Pedestrian accidents often leave the pedestrian seriously injured, simply because that person is unprotected against the impact of a collision with a large, heavy vehicle. Even a low-speed impact can have detrimental consequences, and drivers have the responsibility of being cautious and aware of pedestrians and other vulnerable individuals.

If you were hurt while walking or you lost a loved one in a serious pedestrian accident in Florida, you do not have to face the complicated accident aftermath alone. It is possible that you could have a valid claim to compensation, and an experienced attorney can help identify if another person is financially liable for your pain and suffering.

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